LotusBloom Dragons Gameplay, Reviews, and How to fly

Here I will be compiling videos of the LotusBloom Dragons!

Huge thanks to PG and the community team for granting us access to the dragons to test and review for the War Dragons Community! Please let them know how much it is appreciated with the hopes that they continue to give us this opportunity!

Mythic Dragons!!!
Mythic Dragons Spell Details:


Mythic side by side comparison (with limited practice - better videos to come):


Naja Gameplay vs up to lvl 75 towers TRIPLE DEFENDED!



Danav Gameplay & How to Fly!


Legendary Dragons!!!
Spell Details:


Gold Asura Gameplay:

How to Fly Asura:


Nucifera Gameplay and How to Fly!


How to Fly Rashka!! Got some nice potential I’d say :slight_smile:
Thanks Justin for the awesome clips!


Thanks for the great videos Shiv.
What would you think if Mark of Tribute restored rage and ammo instead of rage and health? OR if Protectors Resolve cut down the time to regenerate ammo while active?
We need a way to get ammo back sooner. One way or another.

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That’s an interesting thought but I fear that would make Naja too strong being able to reload frequently, but it’s be interesting because you would have to use the ammo to proc it and get a more back.

It’s be an interesting thing to test out but might be too strong.

Updated with my video on how to fly Naja!!

Update with Rashka videos, how to fly Rashka, seems pretty good if you practice!

Also added my Asura video

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