Lotusbloom festive dragon proposal

Would like to propose a festive dragon for this event, with an appearance based around the theme of the protagonist from the movie BubbleBoy. Maybe a dragon with a sweet face mask? Or the bubonic plague masks of olden tymes?

Dragon would have skills focused mainly on protection, preferably some sort of yellow bubble shield to reduce incoming damage to the dragon?

Maybe a skill called Disinfect to clear any buffs on dragon?

Maybe a multi-shot skill called Sanitize where it shoots bubbles/bolts at automatically chosen towers(similar to Seeker shot).

Maybe a skill called Social Distance, where the dragon instantly hops back 2-3 Island rows in it’s flight? I’m thinking just a one-tap skill with a long cool down, with a reduced effect similar to the second half of Hauheset’s reverse time skill. Not as far of a rewind though.

As for the dragon name…how about something like Germafoe? Or maybe Virulis? Something along those lines.

Make it a dragon and season to remember :slightly_smiling_face:

-E1- Let’s try to get some slightly unrolled toilet paper rolls incorporated in the shield graphic, flying around the dragon in the air. I picture a roll with 4-5x the roll width in a trailing length slowly circling around the dragon. Maybe 3 rolls total, on different orbits?

-E2- Or the names Covidison? Covidius? Covirulus?


We have The Destroyer Mythic. We have The Protector Mythic.

Going by the mythology - I am expecting the Festive to be The Creator.

Yeah, but that’s not really relevant to current events… Defeats the idea of a “Festive” dragon.

Added first edit/idea update to the original post.

It’ll be a tight squeeze to get an entire dragon designed by the time the festive launches.

Im not against it if they can make it work but that is gonna be hard


Agreed, will be very tight. Especially with original spells, requiring balance testing.

Yeah we already have the festive dragon designed and the art finished etc, but this was still an… interesting, let’s say, idea to read.


Hope y’all realize that the OP isn’t serious… (At least I don’t think so)


The TP rolls are truly a nice touch. :star_struck:

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Ummm we got pathox already :rofl::rofl::rofl:

pathox has NO toilet paper whatsoever :triumph:

and pathox is cooler

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:thinking: Haven’t we got one ancient toilet paper dragon? So old that it rots.

looking at Anuba


The theme is Indian so let it remain like that. Coronavirus has already affected most of our lives so I would like it to remain separate.

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Anuba… hey i liked him :triumph::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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