Lotusbloom Limited-Time Branch: XP Boosts, Potions & The Legendary Rune of Wisdom Blog Post - Official Discussion Thread

We have a new branch a-comin’ at you! Check out the deets here: Lotusbloom Limited-Time Branch: XP Boosts, Potions & The Legendary Rune of Wisdom Blog Post

How we all feelin’ about this?

  • Let me bathe in XP Boosts! (Positive)
  • Don’t care, shopping on Amazon for more socks (Neutral)
  • More like Legendary Rune of WisDUMB (negative)

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Total sigils cost?
And the second modified of the rune is hp or attack like the previous one?


Going to shop more socks on Amazon :roll_eyes:
No one will use that rune for either Hp or ap.

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:sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

I want to find out if you can stack the previous one and this rune in one dragon


These mini seasonal branches have been a great addition to the game imo.

What is the rune xp bonus?


I still want shop more socks on Amazon.

@PGGalileo - I will tell you that besides the 200% boosts, which costs 4K rubies for 50, the rest is laughable at best.

60k XP boost x 105 is about 6.3M XP. That’s not even enough to level once an Eldritch dragon.

The Legendary Rune of Wisdom could be interesting for those who didn’t get it from the Mystery branch and if it’s at least 100% XP boost. Anything less than this, it’s gonna be a “no go”.

If you really want to make things interesting, put tokens or frags in the branch (100k max) instead of the XP potions. For the right price, I am sure many will spend the sigils/rubies/money to get them. I sure would do.


It scales by level please recheck

I think he holds a valid point tho…if 60k is the max…now if 60k is the minimum then I know what I’m doing with my alt lol

And you think there will be for the 500+ level players 105 x 1M XP potions boosts ? Even then, that’s enough for about 5 levels of an Eldritch dragon. So neah, not for me. But I would use some sigils for extra tokens or frags. Definitely !

Pretty sure this branch is catered towards those with extra sigil. I’d gladly trade extra sigil or maybe a few rubies to speed up a dragon during breeding, if I had them to spare and the xp rewards scale upwards

Get the Wisdom Legendary Rune if you didn’t yet, put it on the dragon you want to level up and in three runs (multipliers runs) you’ll have your dragon breedable. You’ll be way more better served with the Legendary Wisdom rune that adds 100% XP boost than the XP potions boosts. IMHO.

Oh yea that’s right, the last one was legendary too :sweat_smile: I need to sleep haha

Will there be a summer reveal soon? I realize a stream is probably out of the question but we usually have the spells and dragon types as of the Tuesday before the last event of the season

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Max XP potion is 1m, so assuming you get that, it’s 110m XP - which is…still meh. I mean I get that doing one XP run with multiplier.

Note to @PGGalileo, XP potion amount hasn’t changed in years. 1m used to be dope - when the highest tier was Gold… :slight_smile: Max should really be 10 or 20m now.


wish it increases further. :disappointed:

It really depends on the sigil cost. Despite what the others said, some low levels i mean below 250, need some runes to collect! On the other hand, there are bunch of runes everywhere, and i assume that a lot of players made it from the mysterious branch already. Would you think to make it a glyph please? :sweat_smile:

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Neither the same tier multiple runes nor the glyphs stack on one dragon as far as i know.

Is this the year of PG? This game has scaled from a fun thing to entertain me on my phone, to a cool place to meet and play with friends, to an absolute money grab by the company. I’ve never seen a company with so many negative reviews and feedback continue on their course of action. It’s like Bear Stearns selling me more stock options, or Wells Fargo asking me if I want to refer my friends to their company. Your CEO needs to take a look at the reviews and have a come to Jesus moment.