LotusBloom (Spring 2020) Stream Notes

Arelyna’s leaving the War Dragons team after this stream - best wishes & we’ll miss you!

  • Whenever you should doubt your self-worth, remember the lotus flower. Even though it plunges to life from beneath the mud, it does not allow the dirt that surrounds it to affect its growth or beauty. Be that lotus flower always. -Suzy Kassem
  • their take on Indian (as in India) themes


  • Season Updates (covered in image above too)
    • Branches increasing in cost by 4.5K sigils; 14 prizes will also be added.
    • Instead of the current one key per branch with mythics costing three each, there’ll be six keys, and each mythic will require 18 keys.
      • introduces the option to do partial branches (for whatever reason O.o)
    • Dual discount branches: The discount isn’t one or the other. Both discounts will remain active, regardless of the claim status of the other, for the two week period of March 4 through March 17.

Week 1 (twitch)

  • quick ref: Asura (Discount Fire Hunter), Nucifera (Legendary Earth Sorcerer), Danav (Mythic Wind Warrior), Naja (Mythic Earth Invoker)

Asura, Legendary Fire Hunter (Discount 3/4-3/17)

  • Debuff from Pounce lasts for following dragons

Nucifera, Legendary Earth Sorcerer

Danav, Mythic Wind Warrior

  • missing element/class image

Naja, Mythic Earth Invoker

  • Protector’s Resolve doesn’t block mage supershot rage drain


  • Wind, Fire, and Ice crafting shards

Lore & Portraits

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Week 2

Blog Post:


oh, yeah, 2nd post reserve for non-season stuff (typically tier updates/new tier)


That is a ridiculous increase in cost, but mythic invoker and discount hunter is pretty cool

It’s basically requiring half of a 4th branch over last season for one mythic and essentially a 7th branch if you want both


I think I might actually like the change of 6 keys to a line and 18 needed to unlock a mythic. But I guess we’ll need to see branch structure first.

Best news is discounted base boost branch :partying_face:


Problem is most of the cost is in the middle, but it is An interesting idea

Lets see how the keys will be distributed


I hope the increase in rewards is commensurate with the increase in sigil cost.

Good move on the partial line options.


More than 10% cost increase.
Egg token breeding costs are still astronomical.

It’s pretty clear PG is bent on jacking their customers.


Eighteen keys seems unnecessarily complicated. :woozy_face:


You guys really need to find a way to get all the details about seasons out at one time. “Previewing” is great but even in the live stream they don’t have all the details and we are six days out. This tells me you still aren’t finished with the build. This trickling out of details and changes and content is highly disruptive. This feels a little like ready, fire, aim. Again.


Likely 2 keys per page or every other evolve stone

Um discount baseboost and discount hunter its actually cheaper :roll_eyes:both keys and this season ends on my birthday :raised_hands:

Only for P2P if your getting the mythic in the first two weeks or have an absurd amount of rubies saved

Theres also more added prizes it wont be that bad lol most folks save and u can finish with go grind the first week on discount normally and get in a day i don’t pay anymore

Does the option of partial branches mean that you could do part of a mythic’s branch with just three(or more) keys?

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I would assume that’s the case, otherwise there’s no point in having More than one key, I will say that even for F2P this could be ok as long as they don’t care about finishing the line


The new feature does seem interesting but it almost seems too good to be true. We will just have to wait and see


18 keys needed for the mythic, 6 keys in each branch

No, you cannot do a partial mythic branch, but partial branches that contain keys. You could claim 3 keys in 6 branches to unlock a mythic, or claim 6 keys in 3 branches for example.


Think can do partial branch to get keys. So 6 parial branch for 3 keys is also a mythic or 3 full branch for 6 keys each