Lotusbloom spring season sigil lines

I’ve put the sigil lines in my spreadsheet format again, and added a small table with information on where to get the cheapest keys. You can find the sheet here:

edit: Updated with the new Howitzer Line


Confused by the key list because the sigil totals don’t match up with costs of the corresponding branch, unless they changed again🤔

Thx a lot

It’s the average cost, you don’t add them up.

So for example if you get 6 keys from a rider line, you pay 5750 sigils per key. If you only get 3 keys (and get the other 3 somewhere else), you only pay 4900 sigils per key.

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Cheapest reasonable amount I came up with is 72700 71300 Sigils

6 keys: Discount base boost
3 keys: Discount dragon 3 keys
3 keys: Finish discount outside of discount period
4 6 keys: Both riders two three keys
2 keys: Both other dragons one key


You can be better if you get 3 keys per rider.

Sorry for confusion… just checked… 4th key from dragon without discount is 5,25k sigils
4th key of the rider is 6,3k sigils.


Corrected the first one thanks.

This one might be true but since dragons second half is cheaper per prize the cost per key for each 3-6 key full price is cheaper than even key two of riders.


I just corrected myself, sorry, the averages confused me just a bit ^^… your edit was fine ! :slight_smile:


So does this mean a mythic could actually be cheaper than last season? :scream:

Last season if you got the base boost, rider & discount (cheapest path for Frostwreath) it would have been 75,500 sigils for a mythic.

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In a sense, yes, but you’d give up on completing anything else.

The extra prizes they added are pretty damn good though, I have to admit.


Well, dammit. I was going to quit. :eyes:


Even if the sigil costs are all weird through them. :woozy_face:

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Considerably cheaper getting both discounts during discount, but that would be less reasonable.

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Guess we have to see if it’s worth it to lose out on the prizes

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Yea beside the average of sigils , there need to be focused on the prizes aswell…

Then we have the issue… will we choose cheaper mythic over items, where items helps to grow better .

Yeah, that ain’t happening. I’m doing good if I get one discount done during the discount period.


The thing is… the rider allow you 3 keys for 14,7k sigils…
If you do both rider half , so you dont get the potencial of the rider…

You could get 6 keys for less, if the other rider have same structure…
But overall, you miss maybe good prizes, and rider.

Its really hard afterall, you need see both sides… Cheaper mythic, or better items. :S


I will likely chose completing the lines

All in all you can safe sigils after 2 weeks, and maybe just take the token boni… and decide later.
No need to force yourself… at least before everything, the prizes per line can be calculated.

Its true that at the end are good ones… but being careful is no issue at all ! :slight_smile:

Yeah, just depends really. I don’t know how many seasonal dragons I have that I never really used. And if one of the riders is defensive, don’t really care if I finish it.

Plus it looks like they might be including keys in the limited time branches so will just have to see how that works.