Lotusbloom spring season sigil lines

I have now update my post with my video if your interested in hearing about the different options, why each is beneficial and which people might benefit from different options.


Appreciate the efforts being made to help everyone plan for the Seasons with the current changes that have been made, and have found them useful :blush: Thanks very much :hugs:

Thank you to everyone who has been putting in the time and effort to give us a well rounded view of how to reach a mythic with least amount of sigils. Since I am an E2P player and PG seems to be all about the all might $$ and only catering to those who have big wallets I want to give all of you a thanks and a huge hug :hugs: for your helping the little player.

I just checked what you earn if you get the first 3 keys of a rider line… and that multiplied with 2 for 6 to compare.

Beside what you have if you get the full rider for 6 keys itself. It was a bit of a suprize… because in some cases it wasnt as far away as i thought.

From rider line for 3 keys (14700 sigil) or for 6 keys(29700 sigil) you get + the compared score from 34500 to 29400:
C= multiplied with 34500/29400

 3 keys 1 rider            -----   2 x 3 keys 2 rider     ----   compared score out of 

* 7120  eggtoken ---------> *2 ->  14240 eggtoken       --> C --> 16710 eggtoken
* 68    goldchests -------> *2 ->    136 goldchests     --> C --> 159.6 goldchests
* 71 *  12h clocks -------> *2 ->    142 * 12h clocks   --> C --> 166.6 * 12h clocks
* 5700  embers -----------> *2 ->  11400 embers         --> C --> 13377 embers
* 284700 crafting shards--> *2 -> 569400 crafting shards--> C --> 668137 crafting shards
* 5000 scrolls -----------> *2 ->  10000 scrolls        --> C --> 11734 scrolls
* 3 silver chests---------> *2 ->      6 silver chests  --> C --> 7 silver chests

Now on the other hand for 6 keys full rider line (34500 sigil) you get

* 15000  eggtoken
* 150    goldchests 
* 390 *  12h clocks 
* 17040  embers
* 600000 crafting shards 
* 10000 scrolls 
* 3 silver chests
* 780 black pearls
* 3900 ice shards
* 3900 fire shards
* 1 full rider

In the choice options i took always goldchests,… and at last page clocks over embers and black perls.

Now the interesting part is , when you decide to choose 3 keys from 1 rider… you can pay 900 sigils more for 34 goldchests.
Doing that twice , means 1800 sigils for 68 goldchests extra… of course the comparing score from sigil / prizes would be different, but even so the goldchests take over much of the cost itself.

But stilll… i thought the difference would be much… and only for clocks its the case, well i chosed 150 12h clocks over 8,4k embers…

However… the possible 68 goldchests, could be even a help in a event , where it would match for example in building event arround 136 *12h clocks… and sigils to compensate extra costs…

While the prize 900 sigils wouldnt be for 34 chests, where they can compensate 700 sigils thereself… Plus other stuff , like in building event, where the amount could match up with the extra stones nearly.

So its the question… is this really a pay up, to choose 3 keys from 2 rider instead of 6 keys from 1 rider.
After looking at that values i wasnt sure myself…

Edit : This example was specially for those who are unsure of the mythic cost, and probably want to go with the cheapest way. So that there is a way to see what it means probably, and where a chance can be.


2 full lines and two half riders seeming like a pretty good deal. Only downside is if rider is good stats you don’t have it maxed.

For a better idea , lets asume these 68 goldchests will be opened and compensate nearly 1,4k sigils from 1,8k. So the 400 will be add to the cheap way of 3 keys per rider, and the outcome of the 68 chests will be added to the prizes until 3 keys.

So the other items after the sigils would be.

  • 5213 eggtoken
  • 138 * 12h clocks
  • 7792 embers
  • 770 black pearls
  • 7674 ice shards
  • 7674 fire shards

Added to the outcome of 2 riders until 3 keys it would mean… for 29,8k sigils with 6 keys :

* 29,8k sigil prizes  ------------ 34.5k sigil prizes

* 19453 eggtoken             vs    15000 eggtoken
* 136 goldchests             vs    150 goldchests
* 280 * 12h clocks           vs    390 * 12h clocks
* 19192 embers               vs    17040 embers
*  770 black pearls          vs    780 black pearls
* 7674 ice shards            vs    3900 ice shards
* 7674 fire shards           vs    3900 fire shards
* 569400 crafting shards     vs    600000 crafting shards
* 10000 scrolls              vs    10000 scrolls
* 6 silver chests            vs    3 silver chests
* 2 low rider                vs    1 full rider

Now for people who want go a cheap way with sigils this amounts are better to compare with the full amount… And i believe if the score of 34500 / 29800 are compared… the values arent that bad for that amount of sigils! :slight_smile:


Specially for people who have issues with the sigils, this compare is a help to see what there is to get.

In the next post i just opened 68 goldchests behind that last keys, and add the difference of sigils on top of the price… There the totall amount doesnt seem too bad.

1 thing is the full rider, the other thing is that with a full line you get a bit of more clocks.

edit: on the other hand it would be interesting to calculate the rubies, people probably would use for sigil chests… , to obtain timer from missions…

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And lose 140x 12h timers, to save 4400 sigils. Still not a very good deal I’d say, I’d rather have a useful riders and those extra 70 days.
(edited after emrah edited)

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Its not true if you look over my last posts.
You have the possibility to get 34 goldchests for 900 sigils… where 700 sigils will come back… so the cost are 200… if you open them in a building event, you see what you can earn and compare… Its not 248 12h timers. You even win embers if thats the point.

@Morreion at the 44th post i compared them with the chance of the goldchests after keys.

Beside the possibility to earn for the unused rubies clocks from mission… like for mission 1 for 50 rubies, this could be a small up.

Not really, to compare fairly you should equalize gold chests, so either open 14 less in your two-rider scenario, or open 14 chests in your one-rider scenario too. Then chests are equal, embers are about equal, the cost gap is smaller, and the timer gap is even bigger.

But when i open that 14 gold chests… which you call out of the difference… then i need to multiplize the amounts with 34500/ 29800 , because the one prizes have a higher value out of the sigils.

If i do so… the amounts will change aswell.

Lets say i would open for your sake the 14 goldchests and subtract the 287 sigils in a way out of the totall cost… it would only show that the prizes have same goldchests out of it… And then i would multiplize it with 34213/ 29804… for the other values it would be still a up aswell…

if you go that way , you can still compare 29400/136 and 34500/150

I can tell you … for the first you get for every 213 sigil 1 goldchest, for the 2nd every for 230 sigil 1 goldchest

THE THING IS… One line is at its end… the other not , and there is “the chance”.

Because if a player finished 1 50% line, and had the other open… he could go first to that rider way, and then later finish the other undiscount line. That safes still 4700 sigil.
(or 20 k of rubies for supersigil chests, which can be used in a different way aswell…missions or goldchests…---- that would be even a chance for others — just figured this out… if you pay anyway )

I try to help people with that way of, that they probably can go there cheap way, if they wouldnt like the other option.


The idea just came when you told of , spending instead of it for sigils…

Lets say you are short of sigils at the end (after good event scores) and would need to spend for that nearly +5k sigils rather than using the cheap path.

It would be *~25k rubies for supersigilchests wouldnt it ?
Now thats a value of 62 goldchests…

If you would use that on top of the cheap view… wouldnt it even suit you better ?
Its a plus in average of :

  • 1272 sigils
  • 4753 eggtoken
  • 7104 embers
  • 125 *12h clocks
  • 6997 ice shards
  • 6997 fire shards
  • 701 blackpearls

Seeing it now that way,… if you really dont need the rider… just brainstorming… the amount of stuff isnt really bad on top of the compare before… isnt it ? ( even the timers match eachother in that way :sunglasses: )

just add the values which i asumed first for 20k… after i remembered that the super sigils cost 5k :slight_smile:

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Why my post got flagged??

Just a suggestion. Since you got two prizes on the same box, why don’t make it two rows. Thus, the number always representing what we got overall. Moreover, the last column’s header is for alternative.

Just a thought to make the table more reflecting what we got overall.

Probably just a flag for the word “elescrotum” instead of “electrum” .


My current format doesn’t allow for tracking double drops and I wasn’t going to rewrite the code for it at 1 am, so you’ll have to add the extra timers to the total yourself for the time being.


So harsh! J/k. Thank you for all you do. :pray:

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Updated with mystery branch. Those day 1 gold chests look excellent…


Thanks for updating this.