Lotusbloom spring season sigil lines

True, just have to decide on BB vs discount dragon, I will finish rider, better than my current riders for invoker. If DD is better than surt, I may ensure I finish the drag

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So… the rider lines went up 4.5k sigils and didnt get any additional gold chests? WTF

Im only seeing 12 new prizes so what are the other 2?


Not a fan of unfinished branches though either, just got done closely looking at the branches just now. Like the change to the Base Boost.Laying out of where Keys are okay…

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Me too, think for me and my guild be too risky having a bunch of half branches, and still come up short on a Mythic, at least for this Season. Besides, accounts will get soo messy after a few Seasons of doing that :roll_eyes::joy:

Cheapest combination I found so far costs 97,100 Sigils for a Mythic without any discount. Full dragon, base boost to 4 keys, 2 Riders each to 3 keys, and 2 dragons to 2 key. Not ideal, and hope I mathed right.

If you get the discounted dragon half off that makes it come out to 79,350 with the same lines.

If you can get 9 keys with the discount as used in an example above, I actually found a slightly cheaper combination with 70,250 - from full discount dragon, 3 keys from discount base boost, one more key from base boost (4 total from base boost), and finally both riders to 4 keys).

Also not ideal either.

If you get 6 keys from base boost and 3 from dragon while discounted and finish a rider it comes to 76,400 which isn’t THAT much worse, and you’d have much more useful stuff to show for it.


Any possible to make new tab and mention individual key cost of each branch , I know we can drag and see the sum , but it will be easy for others to compare :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

At full price, the best combo to 18 keys is:

1 full dragon line
1 full rider/base boost line
3 keys each from the remaining 2 rider/base boost lines
(there are 2 riders + 1 base boost this season)
Total cost: 99400 sigils.

Throw in discount:
1 full discount dragon
1 full discount base boost
3 keys each from 2 riders
Total cost: 64400 sigils

Don’t forget, there will be keys in the limited time branch. I assume that one will be much cheaper than the one in the branch line.

Is this what you’d like to see?

Yep , players can compare it easily where to start and stop …
I do spreadsheets stuffs , but currently busy at work , need to handover 2 projects to clients soon

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This is going to be so helpful but the optimal path regarding sigils cost might not be the best for rss claimed because the last couple of lines of every branch have quite a few interesting prizes

This is actually 10 keys, but for only 150 more sigils during discount Id say that’s worth it. Changing 4th rider keys to 1st other dragon keys you’d total 68,853 (6 discount dragon, 4 discount base boost, both riders 3 keys, both other dragons 1 key)

Question being is only 4 keys into Base Boost worth this change? Also, only completing discount dragon vs BB & DD?

Depends on your goal. If you want to get a mythic efficiently, then this is very useful. If you prefer looking at the long term view, always aim for the scarce resources (embers, timers, tokens, black pearls).

What are the extra prizes? I dont play this season lol

(If u claim ember from the 3 option on first box of each new 2 line prize)13 440 ember/3900 ice&fire shard/90 12h/780 BP+ (15gold chest on BB/dragons,there no additional gold chest in rider branch)additional prizes on the 14 new box per branch

I have now update my post with my video if your interested in hearing about the different options, why each is beneficial and which people might benefit from different options.


Appreciate the efforts being made to help everyone plan for the Seasons with the current changes that have been made, and have found them useful :blush: Thanks very much :hugs:

Thank you to everyone who has been putting in the time and effort to give us a well rounded view of how to reach a mythic with least amount of sigils. Since I am an E2P player and PG seems to be all about the all might $$ and only catering to those who have big wallets I want to give all of you a thanks and a huge hug :hugs: for your helping the little player.