Lotusbloom Wave 1 Official Discussion Thread

Please ask questions and discuss the first wave of Lotusbloom Dragon: Find balance in all things this Lotusbloom Season!

Still two weeks discount… I’m sad…

And where is the information that base boost branch is also discounted??

This is double down punch…

Am I reading this correct that you could technically get 13 keys by just doing each limited time branch presented each week? If yes, what are the costs on these? @RamenWithSoup


Is the rider, hunter and base boost discounted for 2 weeks? In addition can you clarify, is mythic free with all stones once you get 18 keys? I can copy and paste when I interpreted this if you need me to.

It’s in the picture that both are still discounted, but yes there is no mention of the discount otherwise.

Yes, it was put at the top of the post that the mythic is still free once you unlock it with 18 keys. The picture does not show, nor did they say, that the rider will be discounted. Just the base boost and hunter.

Discount extension is still being discussed. One way or another PG will update us on the decision.

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I do wish we can find balance in the economy this season…hint hint…


No, you’re not quite reading this right. They’re not saying there’ll be a limited-time branch every week, just that there will be at least one limited-time branch, and every branch that appears will last a week.

So you can use it to supplement your keys, but odds are that they’ll do 1 branch, just like the past couple seasons, maybe 2 max, which I rather doubt will earn you a significant number of keys.

“Dragon branches will each contain 6 seasons keys each”

We were hoping for a structure breakdown for how these are laid out. Guess we have less than 24 hrs to find out anyway…


Yeah, I figured I wasn’t which is why I wanted clarification. Text can be very hard to interpret. ty

@RamenWithSoup @PGDave
@PGMichael @PGEggToken

So is there any extension of discount period? (Minimum 3-4 weeks required for middle class and below)

Two weeks is not enough.
I think it should be increased

Why is there no ammunition reset for the Myth Invoker? Too uncomfortable
Ammo recharge time will seem too long, and the tower will not break.

And can Invoker’s Protect Toggle skill stop the Mage Tower’s SS?

  • I am not good at English so I am using Google Translator.

Do not ignore my words,
Please answer user questions​:rage::facepunch:

Consider it’s Gig’s with more shield and no damage amp.

Shit Omg😂

@RamenWithSoup Could we please get some info on what the additional “14” prizes that are being added to each line? Previous announcements would include a breakdown of how many Embers, Eggs, Gold Chests, ect will be in the lines for the new season. Could we please get something like that?

Would it be possible to get an idea of when the limited time branch will appear? This has been something that has anoyed players, we have an exact date for all the other lines in the season so it would be great if the limited line was also included.

Also not sure who would be in charge of it now but could we please get some info about if the CF will be given these dragons to test fly and advertise like they were the winter dragons? With the live streams no longer happening we need a way to see the new dragons being flown. The CF is the perfect resource to utilize for that job


The addition of 4500 sigils per item in total seems too harsh (two weeks off, as well as two branch discounts).:rage:

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I volunteer as tribute :joy:


Anyone realize that the token mission is suddenly set to egg mission?

I really hope PG does decide to extend the discount period to 3 weeks, I mean why not try it anyway and see what happens. Plus you will earn points from the community which would be a huge bonus for PG.

Also that 3rd week is during fort, which may influence players to spend more to open gold chests in hopes of getting more embers. I see it as a win for both sides


Is there a mechanism set to exchange the unused keys at end of season?
If you can only use them per bunchs of 18, it could be nice to get let’s say some gold chests for the unused ones (if not able to reach 18, of if more than 18 but still less than 36).

Trade 10 gold chest per each unused key for instance could be a solution.