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I wonder how many will fall to the marketing Gag “Rider for Invoker”. Common PG, hes one of the weakest you can put on your Invoker Dragons in the Game :roll_eyes:

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How come? Even with the invoker only boost points?

From Morreion’s website:


Rider - Build Attack HP Rage
Ano - Attack + Rage +12% +19.8% +8%
Ano - HP + Attack +12% +25.8%
Reginald - Attack + HP +14% +21%
Reginald - Attack + Rage +14% +15% +8%

Suresh - Invoker +14% +16% +10%

Depending on what you want out of him (Suresh)…
…if you have neither Ano nor Reginald, then he is useful.

Actually it’s not one of the weakest. He is actually on par, if you considered the rage as a must have, as he is rage dependent.

But I get ur argument that the marketing hype is not necessary with that condition.


Glad I have Ano :joy:

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@PGJared @RamenWithSoup So… any word yet if you’ll be giving these dragons to the CF members to fly again? It would be really nice to actually see them fly at least a little before the discount period ends and since the streams are no longer happening, we literally have no way to judge which dragons we’d want until people start getting them. That’s not a great way to entice people to go after them, especially not after the disappointing season we just finished. Y’all have a valuable resource in the CF, this would be a good chance to utilize them.


This would have been a nice rider :joy:


@PGJared @RamenWithSoup

Before the season gets too old can we please get an answer to some of the important questions in this thread?

I believe the summary of them is:

  1. Are the additional prizes from each line proportional to the cost increase and can you give examples?

  2. Will unused keys be worth anything (I would assume not since it’s just like finishing a partial line from previous seasons).

  3. Will any player faction be given demos of the current mythics?

  4. Please address the problem of monuments not being targetable in Atlas. Anneid <sp?> cannot kill them or has another problem with them (I don’t have it) and at this point multiple mythics have been given a spell with dramatically reduced usefulness. What is PG’s plan to fix this? Alternatively will PG commit to stop using spell types that are glitched on mythics and update the affected mythics’ spell set accordingly?


This one tried to mix in too many things and i think got it all wrong… if its from mythological perspective … someone with very shallow understanding i’d say :confused:

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Erm… The lines have been out for a while, why not look for yourself?

And no, they are not similar to what comes before, the rewards per sigil are significantly better.


Because it’s their job not mine…


It’s their job to spell out obvious details and spoonfeed them to anyone too lazy to look? Don’t really think so, goodness knows they have actual problems to fix.


Yeah. Super easy to average out prizes compared to past season’s averages. That’s why everyone knows it off the top of their head


Wow. C’mon. Your contributions to this community with analysis and pure knowledge are irrefutable. We’re grateful.

But why you do you feel you have to be that rude to someone trying to collate the salient questions in this thread? Not everyone has an inclination or the time to analyse aspects of a video game which paying customers feel should simply be answered via the forum provided by the developers to provide customer support…

Can’t we be kind to each other and even if we disagree with other people’s questions just LET questions be asked without shooting them down? Peace people


Short answer: no (that’s neither good nor bad).

I guess there’s two topics to tackle:

One is the recent doubling of the first 20 prizes. I posted a very rough summary about this here without going too much into detail.

The other is the 14 added prizes at the end of the branches vs. the price increase.
Here’s an easy overview without any numbers. The overview values each branch by prize per sigil, not by total prizes per branch. This factors in the doubled first 20 prizes as well as gold chest payouts in a 50% PvP / 50% Fort scenario (which is why I won’t mention gold chests on their own). Also keep in mind that the buffed drops of embers from gold chests affects this result:

  • Base Boost: More tokens, more timers, slightly less embers, slightly more sigils
    (ignoring the discount to compare both seasons)
  • Rider: Less tokens, more timers, less crafting shards, more embers, less sigils
  • Dragon: More tokens, more timers, vastly more embers, more sigils

This varies a lot by the events in which you open golds, I’m sorry that I can’t offer a more neutral comparison quickly.

Again, there’s two ways of looking at this.
For a prize per sigil efficiency, there are ways to profit a lot more from the new season compared to last season. Then there’s the discount of two branches, that make this season very resource efficient if you happen to have the required resources saved up.
From a total cost point of view and from looking at what you end up with after finishing a branch, many branches seem to be way too expensive. If you take the scenario of an undiscounted Base Boost, you pay much more but still have the same boost as last season (+22%). Even worse for people that want a rider, they pay much more for a rider who’s barely on par with older riders. The same goes for dragons, you could argue that they gained one more evolution stone but endgame players need endgame dragons and the total cost went up without the dragons really being ‘better’.


  • If you hoard and play smart (or spend), you can profit from this season in terms of resource Return on Invest.
  • If you’re low on resources, on a low performing team or simply want to finish 1-2 branches a season, you’re most likely going to fall further behind or will have more trouble completing a branch.

I have a question about the double resources in Asura and Base boost . Is it “ from 0-20 prizes with resources will contain double amount” or “the first 20 prizes with resources will contain double amount of rss”

Judging from the branch I think the first version is the one , but was this thr right thing ? I mean there are also prizes that are just occupying a place between 0-20 like stomes , portraits etc . Did someone check this ?

Just compare Assura line with not-discounted one (Nusifera).

Nucifera is so beautiful, I love her! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
*collapses due to emotional overflow*


Nucifera is cool I leveled her to platinum just for special events. She does very well.

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