Lotusbloom Wave 3 - Aboralith: Official Discussion Thread

Check out a preview of the LotusBloom Festive Dragon, Aboralith! Read the forum version of the blog post here: Wield the indomitable power of the wild with Arboralith, Nature Incarnate!

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He is akin to Meglok

So you managed to create A fantastic warrior Dragon based on Kathool and Gryff? Woah I salute the invincible mind of the creator.

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I love a Divine Arborius as a seasonal dragon. I’m a bit sad he looks so angry and has armor - Arborius is very chill and utterly organic and yet a beast at his level.

Why “-lith”? That seems weird here.


Man, where did you guys dust this thing off? Those spells look like it was designed for Springveil or Summerflare. So retro

Side note: I kind of want the runes for Chunk

No where close, Megs kelp does damage. Also Megs shield explodes with more % if I’m not mistaken.

This dragon is looks better than danav both looks and spell wise

I did say akin, didnt say he is exactly like meglok… those rage costs will kill before he does kill the red mage… too bad for arborius :cry:

According to the lore, Arboralith is a cousin to Arborius!


Right but -lith usually implies stone, as in megalith, Paleolithic, etc. Scratching my head to see how that relates to this dragon. Bc he has a freeze? Tenuous, especially when it’s called overgrowth.

Edit: he’s pretty. I wish the spotlight vids included den footage.


We all have a cousin like that…the one who sends you invites to crap via Facebook now but that used to bite you when you were 3.


A couple of my teammates were setting their sigils aside for this.

Personally, I love the purple wings and while the relation to Arborius is cool, it does seem a bit forced…

Questions for @PGGalileo on Arboralith

  1. Is there a set time for when the shield will explode/fade without it being recast?

  2. If the shield runs out of HP (it has 50% of the dragon’s modified HP), will it explode or fade out?

I have a feeling Arb’s cranky cousin is gonna need a lot of rage runes with two 2-rage cost spells.


For the love of Grogg, I hope no one wastes rage runes on this sad, illegitimate child of Arborius and Meglok

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Sadly this is not the same spell this super rejuvenate is blue 1 rage while Chunk’s is white 2 rage so runes won’t work is my guess …

I 100% agree but I’m also trying to keep it civil :sweat_smile:


Wasnt super rejuvenate always 2 rage before now?
I never got Sage so Im not sure what the blue version’s stats are

It was always white 2 rage as far as I can remember but no clue why it’s blue 1 rage now.

It wasn’t always white, Sage also had the blue version. But it was always 2 rage, so that has been changed.

Is it me… or am I crazy because I literally was thinking about Arborius today… with in the last 5 hours too!

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I’ll look into this!

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