Fortification is the event of the week . Not a surprise the 102s coming since pg said that Howie’s branch would have enough for lvl 102 this season . Easy to figure 102s come this week :yawning_face:

I guess everyone has lots of timers but is there enough ?

Poster by our amazing designer: @PoseidonPQ .


Looking forward to this. Love fort and finally going to be able to hatch these damn Eldritch eggs. Bring on the clock massacre

I am curious tho are the requirements to build 102s out yet ?

I am going to say one upgrade on builder hut will be required. Probably 4 Empyrean eggs.

…are there ever enough timers?


new builder hut level, so need those spare eggs

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My guess is we will need abbyssal eggs

Have we needed Empyrean yet? I swear the last 3-4 hut upgrades are Vanguard.

Levels 47 through 50 required Empy eggs.

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I guess I don’t pay attention to my hut…just upgrade and move on.

I had to check Neon. My memory is useless.

Yes in order to get my 100s I am quite sure they were empyrean eggs . Also 99% sure abyssal will be needed

Yep, if we already had 4 upgrades at Empy as JG pointed out. Then I would agree with you 100% next upgrade will need Abysmal.

Woo woo!!
Burn timers burn. Thanks pg for the howitzer branch again, going to be my best fort as I burn through 1000+ days of timers.

Was only going to do a farm/mill event to conserve timers, but thanks to the howie branch I’m getting my 97s and unlocking my first Elds (still not going whole hog though):



Just pass the 400 wall this event for me, i will finally manage to get my dragon to empyrean

Hi AngelvonWolf,

where can i find this excel??
Thx for help

You’ll find it here:


I think it can be converted to Excel.

Here you can save it as copy of google speadsheet Spreadsheet Vault by Zami