Lotusbloom week 12 - Last Minute Change Agaiiiiiin - Temple Raid

Credits for poster To : @PoseidonPQ

Besides of being shocked , Frustrated , now I curious how will the TR play out with new system

#edited : removed KW


ghmm… meaning i won’t be able to open silver chests. :man_facepalming:t2:


At least it means that we (probably) won’t have Kingdom Wars during the discount period next season.


Yup I was thinking same

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Why not? Won’t there be ammo runes?

Nope. The silver chest slot will be covered up by super sigil chests.

Aw crap I forgot that. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I love kingdom wars

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Ewwwwwww why?

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Like feeding trash this stupid event PG

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I hate KW but YAY. This means we wont have it at the start of Summer and we can put very little effort into this week. Last two weeks are the best time for Kingdom Wars


It’s the best event.

Since you locked my topic without explanation, can we please know why the event was changed?


Woohoo! No Kingdom Wars! Thank you!

You do realize that probably means we start the Summer season with KW and we have 2 of them that season instead of 1, right?

My hope is that PG has finally dumped this garbage event.

I’m not always going to have time to explain something - so I hope I’m not setting unrealistic expecations; please don’t take the thread closing personally. When a thread starts negatively like that - it rarely gets better, in my experience, and I’m not sure I could see a value add in talking about why the switch happened.


faq no.

kw is the only event that has silver chest with a chance to drop mythic ammo runes. -i want and need them. more of them.


if you’re selling a product, which is a game, with a change, it must be explained. -or forbid the CF to make an announcement, so that nobody gets tricked by the false announcement.

If Kingdom Wars does I will be the first to metaphorically spit on its grave. There will be along line of us!

Is there some way we can get a season planner at the start of the season…?? Players like to plan their RSS and events based around what they foresee is coming up… some events are easier to score points than others… some cost more (which I assume is why KW has been moved to the start of next season)… it jus all seems a little meh whatever u feel like running at the time

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