Love for Old Divine Dragons

Many of us have incomplete divines in our Den / Roster I believe. How about giving some love to them?

Start with stop asking the impossible to them, like level up, when they can’t.
Make level up notifications ignore dragons without owned divine stone.


What’s a level up notification?

I think it’s the exclamation mark on top of the dragons


Agreed. If you can’t level it up because you don’t have the stone, what’s the point? What about if you were able to turn off the level up notifications, so you can choose which dragons do and don’t get them?
Off Topic: I thought this was another bring back old evolution stones post when I clicked on it :joy:


Me too. I was stupefied when I saw it was Orca. Thanks goodness it’s a very good suggestion :grin:


Hahaha I’ve been annoyed by the lvl up not’ for years!! Time to get rid of it! And the dens auto training selection thingo… when u have a divine you can’t lvl up because no evo stone and you go into your den to have a geese at your dragons to feed them, it will keep selecting that divine dragon you can’t lvl up as first default! I have Ebon… That’s annoying!


As for myself I had Sigurd since forever😆 I only got their egg because I started August 2016. Sometimes I see Ember or my other trophy Divines. That’s why I don’t let my trophies get 100% of their last level anymore, they’re just nagging me to give them a stone I don’t have…

Now there’s a good question : Maybe the den has the same issue as Ryuu? I mean the den “spaghetti” code is so tangled with other things in the game that messing with it would break the game entirely?

Food for thought.


Yeah man, your reply is the most best explanation I think I’ve seen. Noooo touchy the den!

That seems very unlikely as the den is just a view, not an active game element. It really can’t be hard to reverse the sort order for it or to stop showing unbred dragons in it.

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Yet they could have done it before to greatly improve it. Toggle on/off for the Dragons you own, the ones you can’t obtain if it bothers you, the ones you can’t feed because you lack stones or fragments. Or AT LEAST sort the Dragons you possess at the top (and cherry on top be able to reverse that order so your best dragons are the first in the list). The reason why they never did anything for it is either because they can’t or they won’t (it’s a low priority). All they can do is add armours you can’t get (I’ll remember for a long time that they tricked me into believing Gunnar would get cooler armours than a horrible helmet - sorry it’s true Gun, you’re prettier without it and that’s saying something).

I’ve been pushing back reading both QoL and Player Happiness thread because of the sheer number of posts in them but I keep getting ideas to improve the game. I’ll have to sort them soon and share them in the right section.

As a preview (and so I don’t forget) it includes things such as :

  • XP boosts, similar to lumber or food boost, for all regular events to encourage participation.
  • Being able to put large and insanely close gifts of rss on hold if it will go over someone’s storage by a big chunk (no more than a few minutes because I can already see the abuse).
  • Probably other things I can remember yet :sweat_smile:

I’ll just have to check if someone already suggested it, but at worst I’ll post it anyway and see what happens.

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Oi! That helmet is glorious and Gunnar knows it makes him the best looking dragon in the game. He wouldn’t even have 6 horns without it.


But an Ice crown would have given him a spikier look even! I wonder how the other Dragons look with the Wreath and the crown…

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Ebon? You have my sympathies. I hope you at least got NS and Skarr.

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