Love the new flaks BUT

Okay so I know hundreds of ppl have probably already said this a million times but I’m gonna post this anyways. I really do like the new flaks that are being released but where the heck are the embers? I can’t remember the last time I had a drop of embers when opening gold chests and I can only focus one dragon or rider a season. It’d be awesome if y’all could up the drop rate of embers.
More importantly can we please get some way to deconstruct unused towers? Deconstructing towers could help tremendously by giving back a portion of the resources used to build/upgrade the tower. The portion salvaged from the tower would be based on the level of the tower itself. There could be a wait time for the deconstruction process and I’d even be good with it taking a portion of the xp that was originally gained when building. Just please stay away from our rubies lol. Not only would it help us with much needed resources but it would finally clear out our atrocious storage of “mistakes.” Personally I would love to have it take away from our levels because it would help our bases better reflect our levels. I know some ppl aren’t going to agree with that buuuut oh well. I’ve worked my butt off to hit lvl 200 and I’d totally be okay dropping 10lvls if it meant my base could be more on point and can easily make it up with the rss I get back. I know this is a lot to ask but I have total faith that y’all can get it done if ya really wanted to. I know many many of us really REALLY want you to.

Thanks :v:t3::kissing_heart:


Lol take off 10 level, do u know the cost of 10 level after lev 300. 10 lev is approximately 1600 days of timers, suggest something without affecting the game progress.

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It’s been suggested, I believe. Check out the search bar. PG hasn’t gotten back on any of the threads, yet. Maybe a swap mechanism instead of a deconstruct mechanism would work better, since some people may build towers to act as lumber/food packs? Not a very smart way to do things, but that’s one way it could be used.

About the dropping levels thing, it’s not really fair to those who planned their base out better.

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It wasn’t an actual figure. That’s not my job to do. But if it’s based on the lvl of the tower it’s not going to be that bad. I have like 7 lvl 12 towers in my storage. If a portion (not all) of the xp gained from that lvl 12 tower was taken off my current lvl I highly doubt I’d drop even one entire lvl.

There is always some kind or repercussion. Be it dropping lvls or spending rubies or whatever else they’re not going to give it to us for free. I’d prefer them to leave my rubies out of it. But hey that’s me. As for lumber or food packs that’s not sufficient when there are embers and shards in the mix.

I agree, it would be nice to salvage mistake towers. My model would go something like this:

You would lose 50% exp that you gained.
Get back 10-15% of materials used if it was a sharded or ember based tower.
The amount of lumber given back would be no more than the last level took to construct.
Salvage time could be sped up with timers or rubies.
This way it would help but also cost the player.
(Can’t reward people for mistakes lol)

I know this sounds stingy, but it wouldn’t be in PGs best interest to do something that didn’t benefit them as well.

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No XP refunds :-1::-1:


You’ll be needing that xp lol. But yes, up the embers in (typo edit) drops since they’re the only thing needed now other than wood. Sadly seems this game is doing what the last one I played did. Massive money suck and shut down the game and started a new game.


I believe the penalty is the $100 per level you spend after level $300. :joy:

More Flaks = more embers = more money thrown at value packs :unamused: they intend to keep ember drops as they are for maximum spenditure

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