Loving the new revive pool!

I didn’t see it announced anywhere but gotta say I’m loving this change. I had 249k cap before and now its almost doubled past 420k.

This gives players more flexibility to play the game on their terms.

Glory hunt event is my favourite and it was frustrating to get stopped out on the second day due to hospital being full.

Should be a win for PG as well, because I think players legitimately like atlas and will pay for elite account to maximise their atlas enjoyment.

Hope we see more positive changes like this :wink:


Yes, it’s a great Implements.
pg said it In a comment in the Gold2 discussion.



Cheers - mods as already discussed feel free to close this thread :slight_smile:

I don’t know also
PG should summaries everything
Like we have all day to read every single thing they post

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