Low do you level up fast?


How do you level up fast? I’m level 7 and it’s taking FOREVER; how do I do it faster?

  • Build less towers (level up the ones you have until you simply cannot level more!). Short bases are way better!
  • Attack a lot during events to get chests! Chests contain a lot of goodies, like timers, that can help you level up

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Build 2 of each tower and build them high dont bother with ballista’s find a active team to help with resources and dragon training… my alt took 6hours to get to level 10 using rubies to speed things up… buy a elite account allows you to build 2 things at once very handy!



:arrow_up: no. DO NOT build 2 of each tower - you don’t need that many…

Read the strategy section on base building. Up to level 30 you should have 10 towers max including your 4 farms and mills. Yes don’t bother with ballistas and trebuchets - they are useless.

Edit: oh and if you’re already feeling it takes forever at level 7 I feel for you when you realise whats coming up…but don’t lose hope! Find a great team that will help you grow and give you advice.


Building 2 of each gives you a active base while building other towers and you’ll find most achievements involve building 2 towers… each to their own but from experience it starts a solid base while not getting crazy ideas like building 5 cannons thinking the more defense the stronger your base will appear… highly recommended reading all info about towers and watch the wee videos that appear when first building a tower… happy leveling…
If you need a team i would happily make room for a enthusiastic dragon lord


Don’t build Ballistas. And at level 7 you will have nothing. Join a team and start getting event rewards. Clocks will be key!


Do not build 2 of each.

2 Archer
1 cannon
1 storm
1 red
1 blue

Eventually you will have to add another small red mage to level 4 when you hit 28 and you will have to add a second blue at 38 or somewhere around there. Then comes ice and dark flak in the future.

I have done up a full upgrade guide from 1-300 with an update every 3 levels that I’m putting together :wink:


Awesome Mech - get that out asap. I’m tired of repeating myself… :wink:

  1. Get up and have a cup of Java.
  2. Go for a jog/cycle
  3. Have a shower ± shave
  4. Second cup of Java and a Hearty breakfast
  5. Think creatively
  6. Relax a little and have some fun
  7. Chat to friends, make new ones
  8. Use your visa
  9. Do something fulfilling that gives you purpose in life.
  10. Sit and think a bit - just think
  11. Maybe have another cup of Java
  12. Use your visa again
  13. Take the dog for a walk, or play with the cat. Chat to the bird or pet the iguana.
  14. Chill and watch the sunset
  15. Play some games (wardragons comes to mind$
  16. Spend some time with a loved one.

(mostly 8&12)

All jokes aside, folks gave some solid advice up there, feel free to ignore my post (except for the cups of coffee)


Sorry to hijack this thread but it seems I should stop building fire turret. Instead build totem for event rewards. Continue working 3 towers flak, blue mage, storm all the time. When required upgrade red mage and canon.


My personal opinion is that totems are a waste of embers which are rare (for me anyway). And red mages are absolutely necessary to level up. Ice also.


On top of base building advice,

  • Elite allows you to build two buildings at a time.
  • Decide on your spending tolerance. If none, it will be slow, and you have to decide if you’re okay with it or not.
  • Find a team that suits you; team rewards help with loot, and you can share resources.
  • Be active in events for timers that’ll help with building, though this is a major struggle early on, but it gets better as you level.
  • Your base level isn’t as important as keeping up with dragons; base level means nothing if you can’t take out other bases around your level. I’d strongly suggest following a breeding path, such as Red’s Red to Obsidian. Every base can be destroyed and just laugh at those 300+ levels above you who visit :joy:.


I agree with those above who say dont build too many towers - at about level 150 now and I only use 15 towers in total (I increased from 10 towers at level 100)

I would also say dont worry about levelling fast, the higher your level the harder the bases you’ll be given to fight against. Instead train your dragons, keep your dragons maxxed out and only level when you need to as a requirement of training your dragons.



I got the best answer.

Get your credit card. Visa tower or Master tower. hahahahhaa Have you heard of the power of the credit card dragons? hahahahahahahaha


That was your project :hear_no_evil::speak_no_evil: :pray::pray::pray:


A wee tiny fraction of my project lol. Lots more to come.

just trying to figure out what the best way to present the information is.


This player has just started playing, easy guys :slightly_smiling_face:
I have been playing this game for 11 months, i am level 104 now, and i can easily say that if you think it takes forever at lvl 7, you cant imagine waiting time at higher levels. I am not a spender but an active player.

Why do you want to level up fast? Enjoy the moment. Power of your dragons should be in balance with your level and defence power. If you level up too fast, you cant even defeat bases around your level.


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