Low level, high dragon?

How is it possible for a level 84 to have Gryff at level 14? I’m a 121 and can only get Sho’groth to level 9 until I level my den to 25, but can’t do that until I’m a 126. So how is this player, an 84, able to level his dragon to a 14??

Dirfferent level structures on both dragons.
Sho’groth is maxed at 60.
Gryff is maxed at 100.

So their level numbers are not comparable.


Different season dragons level up differently. Here are some screenshots of the level ups for sho and gryff

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Ah… I see. I thought it was the same for all dragons :man_shrugging:t3:

Nah it fluctuates weirdly. You get some with lots of levels and smaller spikes and those with far fewer and then massive power spikes per level.

We actually switched how we level the seasonal dragons between those seasons. We upped the number of levels to provide some more granularity in the levelling. Previously it was often a really long time between level ups at the early end for seasonal dragons so we stretched it out. But going forward it should be consistent.

Well not really, because the new tier has the same 100 levels stretched out over more tiers, so the power level at, say “level 68” won’t be the same across seasons. Not that it needs to be, but it’s good to realize level alone is not a very useful metric for divines to estimate power.

I just meant that going forward seasonals should have 100 so that piece will be consistent, but yes you are correct a higher tier dragon would be more powerful at the same level.

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Fair enough, it was open for interpretations…

And maybe in another few tiers, 120 levels will be more appropriate to avoid the same large gaps that plagued the later 60-level divines.

It’s possible. We tried to include some extra room so we wouldn’t have to do it for a while, but eventually we will unless something changes.

So if all season dragons are gonna go to 100 then the lvls will be off when new stones come out. Correct ? Cause how can u have a lvl 100 Eldritch be max lvl when a 100 lvl on new Stone Will be max :man_shrugging::crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

We will squish the requirements as we do it. So this season it will go from orange to eldritch over 100 levels, down the road it will go from orange to the next tier over 100 levels. So yes your level 100 tier after eldritch will be one tier better than your level 100 eldritch.

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Wouldn’t it be easier to fix the levels once and then when a new tier is added the new dragons just have more levels? Say you decided to make it so each den level corresponded to 1 level on the dragon. So all divines going forward level exactly the same until they expert, newer dragons just go past where old ones stop? I don’t think folks care if their expert dragon is level 60 or 100 or 130.

It might seem easier for us, but for the players that would mean they would have to accumulate more and more experience and potentially more food (although we’ve capped it at this point) to expert their dragons. When we resloped the dragons we kept the total amount of experience at 100 equal to what it would have been at 60 levels, so while there are more levels you move through them faster. With our formulae it’s actually pretty easy to just move down the end point and shift everything up a bit.

With that said, thank you for the suggestion and thanks all of you for the feedback. We are always trying to improve our game and you are in the best position to help us do that. I hope you will keep it coming.