Low level taunters

Something really needs doing about these low level taunters being used to deter attacks on a castle because they give little to no glory for majority of atlas players. What I would suggest is a minimum % glory can drop to.


There is a castle with four of them recently , 600-700 defence powers, levels between 50-60s. This shouldn’t be a way to avoid attacks really…

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:thinking: Just checking, still give 50% glory on teams with almost equal rank :woman_shrugging:



There is a way round it… you use a trapper to trap the taunters

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You may be right but in my opinion this is abusing the system to deter majority of attacks no matter what the attacking teams apr is


So you’re forced to take 2 prims loaded up in order to attack 1? It’s still abusing the system

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Are you suggesting people need to get rid of low level players ? :sweat_smile:
Maybe try attacking team in higher league that has higher level players ?:hear_no_evil:


No I’m suggesting not to have such minimal potential glory from low players so that teams can’t abuse it to deter attacks on their castles. This one for example is an alt that their leader owns who intentionally keeps the account low and only levels up the Taunter

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PG don’t like the stagnation in Atlas but things like this cause the stagnation. Imagine if every access castle chose to protect themselves this way.

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Maybe at the same time we can get rid of high level taunters as well? It’s obviously abusing the system having level 600 taunters on a castle.


That is intentional where as this is a way to abuse the system to deter attacks because the attacker will get next to no glory. Where as attacking up you will get closer to max glory. I’d appreciate it if people think before replying


Well imo whatever works for them to deter the attack. .
In all fairness the scaling of glory is there for a reason.
Imaging level 500 hitting p4 team with all level 150-200 and getting 70%-100% glory?
It was intentionally done to prevent such "bullying behavior "


You’re not forced too. You could:

  1. Hit another castles

  2. Use a sieger to put the taunter into cooldown using a quick krelos run.

  3. Use a low troop trapper to bypass the taunter and hit the desired prim

  4. Whine on the forum because you want everything to be easy


I think you failed to notice the sarcasm.

The teams which have low level alts with maxed S2 taunters are very annoying. But there’s no way to fix this without also encouraging more bullying of low level teams/players.

Teams doing this are no different to teams/players sandbagging in lower leagues; they are taking advantage of the system.


Worth adding that the proposed glory changes may make this more of an issue. If they are reducing the team power component in the glory calculation.

I mean it is literally the only thing low level players can add to atlas at the moment. And with sniping being so prevalent and uncounterable if it’s a pirate team, I don’t mind that this exists for now.

Besides you can just trap them. You can just work around them.

Besides if it’s glory that’s the issue then people aren’t attacking to take the castle. It’s glory sniping. Just arrange a bubble party and bring friends. Bring your own lower levels.

But until atlas is truly fixed I really don’t think this an issue. Glory should be a byproduct of playing the game and progressing. And sniping doesn’t progress the game in any way. It’s just irritating. Profitable. But irritating.


Sometimes you have to sacrifice glory to get to your main objective. If you have a high level seiger you’re not losing too many troops and as soon as its gone you can hit the targets you actually want. Also, low levels can’t hold as many troops in their hospitals. If they use it as a strategy, keep draining their troops and they’ll probably stop. Or go against a real enemy at a different castle and you get plenty of glory like that too.


Also isn’t this a call out post since team and player names are visible? Not to be that guy but all those are supposed to be blurred out per forum rules.


Oh my bad first time posting

While I appreciate the fact that team and player names are visible, I don’t think this is really calling out, just being used as an example of what OP is mentioning. He isn’t being like CURSE THIS PERSON AND THE TEAM THEY COME FROM, he’s like hey, there are lots of people doing this thing I notice, here’s an example. Sure, would be better if it was blurred, but I certainly wouldn’t call it calling out lol