Low Priority Request: HATS!

So for those of you newer to the game, you may not realize, but we had cosmetic “armor” to add to dragons! Crowns, hats, monocles, pipes, antlers, etc. They were cute as hell and really fun to play around with.

Now that Avatar’s are a free claim in Seasons, I would loooooooove to see cosmetic armor return as a free season line item. Hell, if you make awesome things, I’d like to see it in tiny packs too. I’d spend a $1 for my Noctua to wear a crown. Just saying.


I can sell you some lit antlers or noses cheap.



But I can’t put them on my roster. The old hats only go on certain old dragons. :sweat:


Literally “old hat” then, hmm

Yes, please :joy: wouldn’t mind armor either, though that likely takes more work.

Also, PG’s exclusionary practice of the same model of dragon is unacceptable, disrespectful, and I forgot what else! Can’t maintain fake outrage.


But would you be willing to pay $15 for the hat? Which is probably what they would make it lol. But I agree…after them being hyped up for literally 6 months, they just went away after two seasons and haven’t returned. I would like to see them to return at a some point, even if it is just for a special one holiday or something.


I want this for my Noc to celebrate his 500m+ xp sitting.



Actually sometimes that’s more like 5-10$ and you get something on the side sometimes. That may be purely cosmetic, but sooo worth it.

Hats and such only works on certain Dragons, I wish it was otherwise. I failed to get the crown for Warriors (grumbles it’s again because of last Winter sigils fiasco grumbles)

Skarr looks like the pirate hat was made for him don’t you think?


I love my pirate hat from Valentines Day! But none of my new dragons can wear it :frowning:

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You know @TheRedDelilah I have to tell you…
I came to this post and really thought you were calling for more hats for troop building in beta…

I don’t know if I am now excited or disappointed about this. I would love armor to be a thing again but maybe if it had some stat boosts. Or maybe if I could get a Hawaiian shirt for Archimera since he is obviously on vacation, or a tuxedo for noc since he is there for business. I’m just saying I could dig it… But more hats for troops would be cool too.


I’m also not opposed to brides maid dresses for gingas dragons and tuxedos for mine then we can present them in our wedding


As long as it doesn’t cost sigils why not? I would play around with it some but I never really got into it.

I remember thinking awhile back about how it would be neat to have specialized armor or something similar to armor but have them as magical items so you could take your favorite dragons and add specific stuff to them like a % resist or longer duration on spells or even defensive armor for health or dragons on the perches.

Idk just my opinion but I think it would be neat if it actually did something rather then just silly antlers that look funny.

I know the riders touch on this somewhat with magical gear but you can’t choose what you want for specific dragons everything is done for you or at least outside of Atlas it is.
And if there was lots of different types of armor it would Just be kind of a way to specialize your favorite dragons to how you want them.

Funny, the ad that triggered me downloading WD just happened to be the one introducing the armour 3 months ago. And then I realized it was already outdated.

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I remember the hats!! They actually were adorable (some of them, not all, lol). I completely forgot about them.


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