Low sigil at new armory

Since this new armory change gold chests almost give no sigils I opened around 30 gold chests and got 1x125 sigil that’s seam off to me or I’m just unlucky.
I would love to hear if anyone else has that problem

The percentages are given in the new armory screen. Probability can be a jerk.

I always find fort and breeding give poor drops on sigils, will be interesting to compare the % rates across all events now we have access to it

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I got almost 7k from 110 gold chests :thinking:

:point_up::v:… …:scream:
That’s not the amount I can collected…

The probability is virtually unchanged from before. Overall, you should get a legendary drop 1% more often than you did before.

The issue is one of sample size. 30 chests is far too small a sample to make any conclusions.

I won’t be updating my drop calculation sheets any more.

I’m kicking around releasing an unkocked version just so someone can make the changes without having to reinvent the wheel.

But really, now that 10 chests makes no difference, it should be very easy to make a calculator. The divergence will be seen, even as it was in my old calculators, in small numbers.

At 130 chests, you have about a + or - 10% margin of error.

At around 320 your margin is 5%.

It goes down slowly after that, but once you get to 5%, you’re going to see basically no improvement in accuracy (you will, it’s just going to be very small).

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