Low sigil drops

is it just me ? or is there a definite lack of sigil drops this event?.
i’ve received a total of 75 over this entire event.
anyone else experiencing this?

I feel sorry for you man, I’ve gotten several 50 sigil drops in pulls of 10 bronze chests, and even more 25s even just from the free bronze chests. The odds aren’t in your favor this event I guess :man_shrugging:t3:

There are 50 sigil drops? I thought they were only in sigil chests?

2 25 drops*


Oh oops, gotcha. It took me 60 bronze chests to get a 25 sigil drop so I stopped opening them…

Got about 125 sigils in total this event in bronze chests I think, 2x25 twice even. So you are probably not lucky…

125 sigils in drops is 5 x 25 in the whole event. Sorry, but I don’t find it much unless you got them from 20 chests. Which I doubt. More like from 100 chests. Which is very poor IMHO.

More about 60 chests, not including freebies. That’s how it’s been as far as I know. It’s random.

From 320 +25 ( free ones)= 345 bronze chests i got 350 sigils… Epic drops wasnt sigil drops…

So at totall per chest 1 sigil at average nearly…

Would mean for a drop you need open 20-30 anyway.

My experience is the same. Roughly 4 sigil drops from every 100 bronze chests opened. That is basically 1 sigil/bronze chest.

Bronze chest gave me a few sigils but gold chest were bare. I opened about 30 and got 2x 150. I stopped opening any chest after that. I save so many bronze for next event.

Hmmm but don’t worry you can get these:


I got those as well! I don’t understand why PG is spamming us with those . 4 out of 10 tower hp boost is just plain stupid. For a non-spender its hell

This really makes it look like someone copy/pasted Tower HP boosts a few too many times in the drop table or missed the decimal…

Or they replaced Atk boosts with Hp boosts in the loots…

If they’re going to spam us with boosts at least give us hammers!!! Ijs :unamused:

I’ve taken notes during several events last season, I find over 3-4 months and thousands of bronze chests opened, I average very close to this figure; 1 sigil/1 chest. Sometimes it’s .75/1 or 1.25/1 but if you open hundreds (or even 1k+/event) and take notes, you will find every 20-30 chests = 1-2 x25 sigil drops. Combined with lifelessly farming chests, I’ve been able to pull 400+ in 24 hrs. One of my largest samples was over 700 bronze opened and recorded, very close to 1 sigil/chest. Save those free gems for super sigil chests too, my notes showed 6000 sigils from 20k rubies worth of SSChests, all free, just playing too much. This game rewards the patient grinders, good luck!

Do you get more from SSchests than opening gold chests on double sigil weekend?

You must be unlucky. I received a lot of sigil drops during the event but probably because I farmed 60-100 bronze per day. I’ve also received two 125 epic sigil drops from bronze chests (out of 700-800 bronze chests :joy:) I’ll do a table of drops in the future.

See what awesome towerboosts myself and Gox got in gold chests.