Low troop sniping

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No. Nothing should ever go below 70
Anyways I know what it is like. It sucks. But if your team is active and smart enough you will be okay


I still babbling who even possible to snipe your team , like most of your castle are 2+ bubble deep so just act when u see your gate are bubble and ready to counter


Actually that is kind of funny how a team with no access is complaining


I read the first few sentences I think that’s enough to comprehend, just get rid of the castles :joy_cat:

I would actually advise u to complete ditch all castle if one sniper in a few centuries get into your super safe castles somehow bothering u and go pirates for a new fun time


This is a nice thought, but not really true. I recently swapped teams, and the experience is like night and day. I have to say I prefer my new team, but my old team was just as active in atlas. We were attacked constantly before, and now, not so much. It has much more to do with castle access and how many players are 550’ish and up, and nearly nothing to do with being active in atlas.

Not at all true. If you have 50 people constantly countering it makes a difference, whether they are 516 or 616 doesn’t matter
They have no access. They are rank 90 something. Their team should be able to defend, or take a bubble if they can’t

So a team of 50 level 25 players should be able to hold a dozen atlas castles, so long as they were active enough?

I’ll break it down some more, since I clearly wasn’t clear enough the first time. They have 4 people 550+ and 18 total 516+

They have no access.

I’ll check how many they have. I will also check how many 516+ they have in a bit.

Look at botsNDemons. They don’t have a lot of 550+, but rather a lot of lower 500s. These people are active, and wake up at 3AM to counter. People know hitting them goes… poorly, so most don’t.


No, that team shouldn’t have any castles. I’m sorry it’s sad boohoo but if you can’t hold it, you shouldn’t have it.


Regardless of the team posting this issue - it is a valid experience by a number of teams.
PG decided protecting castles with 3k to 4k troops on a prim was bad for the game but when the complaint is about the attacker using low troop counts over and over it is looked at as a whining player.
The change to hitting guards was to prevent teams from using a strategy to defend their castles. The change in delay time was for attackers to get easier access to teams.
When is PG going to introduce a change that helps the defending player at a castle being hit by a player they can not stop? The only thing in place for a defense bonus is bonus revives if you make the attacker use more then 1 prim.

Everything in this game helps the defender. That’s one of the reasons it’s so stagnate.


Apparently i do not understand how a player with maxed arcanum dragons hitting me and killing 8k troops with 30% perm troop loss and for less then 1k glory is helping me. I would love to understand that.

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You get fort buffs.
You get to enfeeble.
You get to 70% quit.
You get to watch them come, so you can hit before they do.


Fort buffs do not compensate for a level 25 s2 prim hitting lower s2 prim
Enfeeble only works once every 10 minutes - they need to be at the castle to do it
When THEY quit at 70% they are dead because if the number of troops they brought and so am I.
Try again

If they quit at 70% when attacking they are an idiot, to say the least.
It messes with their glory potential a lot.
It gives you better revives.
And, as a defender you have the opportunity to push back your 70% mark a lot to 1/2

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No one does this anymore. You get the alert, login to the game, enfeeble, krelos, and go back to playing another game.

I didn’t know my name was no one

I was speaking more in general (and about my personal experience), not about the OP’s personal situation.

I think we agree that all else being equal, activity and team organization make a huge difference. In Atlas though, all else isn’t equal.

My point on the team of all level 25’s is that at some point, a team simply is too low level to make holding castles viable. I think most of us agree on that as well.

What the recent changes have done is to shift that point of viability, the result of which many teams that were getting by with 2 or 3 castles are now effectively kicked out of atlas. For teams that were a bit stronger, they are able to hold on, only now its a lot more painful.

Many people respond with “boo hoo, too bad cry baby”, and that’s fine. I was only stating that the problem is very real, not just perception, and for those teams going through it, being “more active” isn’t going to help.

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