Lower building construction time being applied instead of the higher

I have 2 defender riders on my perches and one gives -11.8% build time and one gives -6.8% but the -11.8% is grayed out and it says the other riders buff is higher. I wish i would have noticed this before the fortification event instead of after i used most of my timers.

Sent a ticket, support says they’re aware of it. What are the odds of getting compensation, i wonder.

Cause yeah, you’re the first person to post about this on the forums…

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The smaller negative number is counted as the highest so that’s probably why. PG should fix this issue. Also, there’s another thread for this as the link that was posted above.

@moderators work your magic!:sparkles:

Just add your comment into the other thread buddy. No need for 18 threads about it 🤷

Because dicks keep making multiple threads about the same issue? :man_shrugging:

It would be funny if your real names were Richard. Then you could both be Dicks


KingRichard was already taken, way back when…

Don’t make me bring RichardCranium into this :eyes:


I’d like to see that happen

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