Lower Cost to Transfer XP

The cost of transferring XP from an expert dragon to a new dragon is ridiculously prohibitive; basically PG is double dipping into our pockets with this feature. In real life, I would say that this is like an estate tax on a deceased relative - only the deceased is a dragon that is in my den. I have worked to get the dragon, already grinded out that XP, in most cases buying XP bonuses to lower training time, why should it cost so much to transfer the XP I have already worked for to a new dragon. Further this cost can only be paid in rubies; the only way to get this many rubies is buy them out of pocket. I am not saying that there should not be a cost, but the current cost is ridiculous.


Just never use the feature. Grind xp runs with xp boosts or without and use your multipliers effectively and you shouldn’t need to use the feature. It is expensive because you instantly get the xp.


Well you don’t instantly get it, you worked for it before.
Does it scale with lvl? I haven’t used it really at all so I don’t know but if it doesn’t it should scale like food and wood purchases do.

Cloak gets it. It is only cost prohibitive to those who do not want to pay. The rest of us level dragons the old fashion way by clearing bases.

BTW, the answer is because it is revenue for PG.

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Well of course you grind to level, but my point is this is xp you have already earned why should it he prohibitively expensive?

Simply because it pays for the game to continue.

Revue for games are driven by 3 factors.

  1. subscription for games where the devs bring in new content that keep the players interest.
  2. Sales of cosmetic items or DLCs ( which again would be content to keep players interested.)
  3. Convenience, which is often called Pay to Win as it is in this game.

Your question falls in to the third group. You are paying heavily for the convenience of being able to transfer the XP to a new dragon.

You may split hairs anywhere you would like but that is the answer to your question in more detail that provided before.

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The answer lies in the fact that they want to extend the life cycle of the new dragon content that they release.

If you bank a ton of XP on a dragon before a new tier is released, you need to pay a cost to be the first one to get it expert because it gives you and your team an advantage in the game for a period of time.

If transferring XP was free, everyone would simply get a dragon and be able to expert it almost immediately, making the content less exclusive and have a shorter exciting time frame.


Lol yes you do instantly get it, and it’s as easy as buying a pack…Not much working for it!

Back to the Op…

It should be expensive and only used as a last resort.
If it wasn’t expensive then nobody would even bother to do Xp runs…

Asking for this to be lower to me sounds like well I don’t want to do that many Xp runs, rather use rubies but I also don’t want to use many rubies lol

And it’s Xp you’ve gotten wirh another dragon…It’s a benefit your even allowed to transfer the Xp so it should come wirh a price.

Yes it should cost rubies,but the cost is way too high. There is no new content released, except for a small % of the players. They expert those dragons in days anyways.

Lol No you don’t instantly get it lol you put time into it before lol you have to put time into doing the runs to get the xp lol just because you get it when you pay for it doesn’t mean you didnt put time into getting it lol

Of course you put time in that specific dragon and if you want to take the Xp from tbat dragon and put on another dragon it should come at a high cost. It only makes sense.

My 3 main dragons just from wars and helping with Xp runs have well over a half of a billion Xp @Ndawen
If it was a lot cheaper then I could just take the next several seasons which ever dragon I choose and go from 0 to expert in minutes and lineage dragons to breeding level no problem…
And from future wars and more Xp runs on those 3 main dragons it would just build right back up while waiting for next season and next breeding.
I seriously wouldn’t have to do an Xp run for another dragon just my main 3! That to me is silly & not fun!
And there are lots of players with a lot more built up Xp then that! To make it cheap or free would be imo a terrible move…I rarely use that and only do if I have to have that dragon at a certain level right then.

Taking Xp from one dragon to another Without doing a single run on that dragon your transferring it to is a big thing so for that connivence it should come at a steep price! Not just because you did previous runs on a completely different dragon.

It shouldn’t be that easy to expert a new dragon or get them to where they are capped or to breeding level! That should require some work!

Even with multipliers solo a base with your strongest dragons take all that Xp from your strongest put on new dragon…Could basically give all the daily multipliers to your new dragon…It would just all be way to easy

lol stuck on lol much? lol :joy:

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1 ruby for about 607 XP that I have already earned seems excessive.

I’m not saying it should be free, but Elle’s point is that the XP has already been earned.

Assuming you already had the food packs, and you had already earned the excess XP on a dragon that was already one you had taken to expert… How much would it cost to get Destar to expert of you transferred?

It’s. Not free XP… We already paid for it… If you’re just buying XP. It’s more like 216 per Ruby.

They have to keep the lights on. Right?

Hmm… What happened to all that investment money?

Just saying. That’s a lame argument.

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Yea i did it out of spite cause the other guy started his with that

It’s just a matter of the business model of this game, and most games these days for that matter. There are people willing to throw thousands of dollars around, and everything is typically priced at ridiculous levels to suck as much cash out of those whales as possible. They COULD make things cheaper and more reasonable to the average player, but why do that when there are enough people willing to pay much more?

I really enjoy this game and wouldn’t mind giving them more money, but only if they actually priced something at a reasonable level. As is, the xp transfer functionality is one of many features I’ll never use.

Transferring XP is the most expensive thing in the game on a per unit basis. It is so incredibly expensive that it NEVER makes sense to do it. Even purchasing lumber for rubies during fort is comparatively affordable.

Just don’t do it. Problem solved.

And yet they have a tip to farm XP for your new dragons using your expert.

Regarding price… It’s just multiplication.

So, if 100 people are willing to pay 1000. Then you need 10,000 people willing to pay 10 dollars You have the same profit, since it costs nothing.

It can work either way. Pretty sure “Upset Avians” made a lot of money… :man_shrugging:

If they lowered costs,and increased the rubies in packs to something reasonable income would rise drastically. Sooner or later mobile gamers will smarten up.

Well they arent economists. They have never seen a demand elasticity curve.

And they arent app developers either clearly.

Makes me wonder what did they study in college?

Not really… as Savage mentioned above, it’s simple multiplication. You could drop the $100 packs down to $5, but then you’d have to find 20x as many buyers at that price. I was in the industry ~5 years ago, and the data at that time showed that the vast majority of players don’t spend anything. I doubt much has changed in that time. That being said, every game I’ve ever played has been priced for whale-gouging, so I’ve always suspected that the fact that the goods are massively overpriced helps the no-one-buys-stuff conclusion.

I’m sure if they believed they could make more, they’d drop prices.