Lower lvl dragons for lower lvl players during seasonal events

So after searching the forum I did not find any reference to this idea
Would it be possible to have at least one lower lvl seasonal dragon for lower players I have friends who are 50 or 60 and the seasonal dragons take to much to build. Requiring lvls of dragon den way beyond them So some of them don’t even bother with participating You should put at least one for lower players. I have plenty of seasonal dragons benched because I wasn’t able to get enough tokens and by the time I could lvl them they are benched. Just a thought

Festive dragons start at red tier, so this is a potential good line for low level players. As for needing a bunch of den upgrades to train your dragons, that is part of the gating mechanisms of the game that help to keep a player’s dragons in line with what they’ve built as a base. If you want stronger dragons you’ll have to keep putting in the time and effort to get them.

Or you can bypass the time factor by pulling out a credit card :woman_shrugging:t2:

Edit: even higher level players face such gating mechanisms. I am currently level 300. I have two legendary lineage Harbinger dragons and will soon be breeding my first mythic lineage Harbinger dragon. And yet my divine dragons (the ones I get during the various seasons) are still stuck in Obsidian tier. And not even max Obsidian tier :woman_shrugging:t2:


He did say for lv 50 -60.
Pretty much, above my level when I started Fall 17 (Got Nec to Garnet, benched him :sob:)
That doesn’t mean I agree with him.
Even only until Garnet, Nec has helped me much (plus Anuba, which is overkill for green Temple Guardian)

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Gah, it’s been so long since I’ve been in that part of the game that I can’t tell what people are flying at that level. Orange? Green perhaps? That’s just one or two level upgrades for more recent seasonal dragons :woman_shrugging:t2:

My abandoned alt is lvl 71 I believe and had a den capped Whale (I don’t think I even started training Cons on that account). I think her divine dragons are stuck in green tier…

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Only when ur over 430 u dont got to deal with it :laughing:

:thinking: What’s the relation between token and Den?
Dragon’s Den doesn’t require any token…
Or do you mean “hatching certain dragons”?

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You can hatch normal seasonal dragons at level 28, same as Amarok. :woman_shrugging: You can breed golds at 43 and hatch them at 63. You have to hit 56 to evolve recent seasonals to green, at least the ones my alt has.

Whether it’s okay depends a lot on the divine and whether it has a usable spell kit at orange and green.

Have them take the discount seasonal dragon and work it until at least platinum. That’s what I did and the 1 per season I managed gave me a dragon that was mostly unstoppable at that lvl. 1-2 seasonals at plat stone turns into 1-2 seasonals at garnet and those turn into being able to complete at least 1 seasonal line. The discounted dragon is there for a reason. Take advantage of it and this whole thing is a moot point. Well, it really is anyway since at that lvl, I just flattened bases with Amarok.

Upgrading the seasonal dragons after you have them they start requiring dragon den upgrades as well as hatching legendary dragons or certain tiers

Other than Green tier, I almost never see the dragon requirement… :thinking:
Try sticking to one of Red’s path, and you’ll be fine :grin:
Dragon’s den is only bound to base level.
Also, check Sandberg’s Dragon Manager to see the requirement, so that you can plan your breed and build progress.

Get used to that because it’s part of the game. I am currently capped on my divines until I breed a mythic obsidian. I’m sure I will need another den upgrade right after I get my mythic obsidian this breed event. This game is a marathon not a sprint.

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if you save enough you can max out a seasonal dragon or two, done it before.

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