Lower the level requirements

I think it is wrong that PG puts the Max level of towers if you can have the eggs. After this breeding event I can’t Breed anymore Dragons, unless I wanna leave my breeding path.and my towers are Max. 60 levels between being able to hatch a harbinger and hatching a Vanguard is too many.


Maybe you’ve leveled up too much for where you are at breeding wise? I’m running into the issue where I need to raise my level before I can do my builders hut again. Granted I don’t have any vanguard eggs yet (I need 4 for the next hut upgrade), but I need to be 390 to level up my hut anyway. I’ll stop at 390 during fort and get the needed vanguard eggs next breeding event when I get Tuktu. Then when I have four I’ll start the builder’s hut upgrade in preparation for the upcoming fort event 2 weeks later.

It’s how the game ensures you don’t overbuild and keeps the balance of levels.

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Isn’t this the opposite problem. It’s the one where a player has levelled up optimally and is forced to extend their base if they want to keep on levelling.

OK so people are aware here is my problem I have already bred the 1st 2 vanguards, or at least i will after this event. I am level 332 and cannot hatch them till 360. My kill island is lvl 63 across the board. I can raise that to 65s after builders hut finishes. I DO have the other harbinger eggs to raise builders hut to 40 also which i believes tower max is 68, i might be off on that 1. But i cant raise the builders hut to 40 till 360 . So my base is stuck unless i level COMPLETELY USELESS CRAP that i dont want. And cant continue breeding unless i leave my path. THIS SUCKS.

This sounds like an @mechengg kind of question. At some point you are forced to shift from 5 max towers to 6 or 7 (or maybe even 8 if you built right). I have 7 max towers for my level. Picking tower 7 was the challenge.

The first 6 were easy:

  1. Red mage
  2. Blue mage
  3. Storm tower
  4. Dark Flak
  5. Fire Flak
  6. Ice Flak

I chose an ice turret for my 7th since I can’t maintain 4 flaks and I had an ice turret much higher level than my highest level archer (the archer was lvl 20).


There are certain places where this is true, should a player want to build a pure micro setup (5 towers). The first time this comes into effect is around level 40. All players have something in storage from this level unless y’all have cannons.

Once to get to harb ish, this happens again. The game promotes 10 towers, its our meta that moved to 5 due to cost. This cap in tower level, however, is in place to keep balance at the levels. As frustrating as it is, this is needed for balance.

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I’d disagree that they’re required for balance. The level caps I first really remember hitting back at 300 for harbs.

It’s not so much required for balance as it it’s to incentivise spending given a hardcore grinder can get ahead on dragons through to obsidian before they become clock rather than token limited.

Clocks being non grindable and premium towers requiring premium resources which are again difficult to come by via grinding I’d say the balance is to protect/incentivise spenders compared to a balance of the game issue.

If tower levels were uncapped, we would see hyper low levels with one massive tower. When I say for balance, I mean for the players attacking. For instance, this OP is in Harbinger waiting to hatch Vanguard. When I say balance, I am saying people with his same dragons at his level will be attacking a balanced base.

This though, I agree timers need to be grind-able.

I got stuck doing research eggs to get points (and of course some decent research, some crap - poison).

Below is a table, they want you to have more than 5 towers as a “kill island”, they want you to expand more.

Below is the most optimal tower levels you can have, and as you see it’s increasing from 4 max level towers @L158 to 9 max level towers by L429. They want you to expand your base at a certain point, and this also lets folks who are “behind” in their tower leveling to at least get 5 towers up to max level.

I’m OK with this method, the caveat being is that more than 10 max level towers isn’t exceeded.



Yep. I’m level 266, breeding rhyo this event and my kill island is all maxed at level 56 until I get obsidian eggs for my builders hut. Time for me to choose another tower to level… decisions, decisions :grimacing:

Orca seems to know the way, might ask to be shown the way.

MBN for the source I guess though

I for one welcome our new Ember overlord!

That table is super awesome, thanks!


The breeding hut constraints per certain levels needs to be reevaluated. It is horribly restrictivene … constrictive? Either way it blocks you off from leveling towers for too long.


It is to keep players with X tier dragons hitting X and X+1 tier towers only…

Imagine if you were in obsidian but had to hit empyrean tier towers (even just a few of them)…


Do you have this chart for lower tiers too?

It’s a part of my base building guide “New Base” section. It’s updated every 5 or so levels i think

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Every time I looked at your guide in my lower level days it said it was outdated and not to be used lol.

I get the point of tiers to some extent. It just feels bad being 2XX with a kill island that has towers capped but not maxed out to their potential for your level. And I have been breeding fairly progressively as well. And really a huge change isnt needed I don’t think but some slight adjustments possibly.

The first 200 levels of the new base are accurate for maximum tower levels at each player level. That is one of the parts that hasn’t changed in it except if you want different towers than I’ve chosen. Which is entirely possible :grinning: