LoyalGuardians looking for some active players

Language: English
Time Zone: Central Time Zone
Played time: Anytime
Age Range:
Elite Account?:yes
Dragon Roster Includes:
Highest Lineage Dragon:
LoyalGuardians looking for some new players to take up the slack left behind by unreliable players. We are currently in Gold2. War and Event participation is mandatory!!! If you are not competetive and ready to work as a team to grow and learn this is not the place for you. XP runs, base design help, resources, and anything in between freely given. Level 50+ preferred but will consider lower that are ready to grow. :heart: We are a fun and helpful team!!:kiss: Looking forward to have you in my team! :warning::facepunch:
• Line group available.
If you are interested pm:
line : eveanwen01
Ign: xxEveexx

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Can you tell us the league?

Sure, I forgot to mention. Gold2

Good luck down there. Gold is in a bad state atm.

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