Lumber and food in castles,,,Why?


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Why is there lumber and food storage in castles…This Can cause a corrupt Atlas governemt…If castle just needs gold to upgrade,then why have other recourses there…?strong textstrong text

not sure why you blaming atlas, you should question your team management, they are the one that suppose make arrangement for all rss from your land. You are barking up the wrong tree.


Yea you have a pretty shady bankers if the they are helping themselves and ignoring team requests. Talk to your leader about setting an rss process or replacing the shady bankers, and if nothing changes, it’s pretty clear what’s the problem here :man_shrugging:t3:


Leadership should demote people abusing the privilege, assuming that it was clearly stated; otherwise, if your leadership supports people abusing it, find a new team?

All of it can be seem in the ledgers too, so… :smiling_imp:


Ban banks because some corrupt managers embezzle from them :roll_eyes:

Smart take.


This really sounds like the teammates responsible for banking duties (leader, officers, bankers) should have a talk about some basic rules and what is acceptable vs frowned upon vs not acceptable.

We disallow sending RSS to yourself period. We have to find another person with authority online and put in a request like every other player if we need to withdrawal from the bank, this keeps accountability between all members. It also gives a more open communication between the team and officers so there is no rumors of favoritism being discussed (i hope).


Not blaming atlas,Questioning why hese recourses are there…It gives coruption a foot hold…No use in having these recourses there.

For the amount of good it can do.

These resources can be distributed to the team, it acts as a buffer for events and bigger builds/feeds so people don’t have to constantly bounce RSS.

Learn how to use it to your advantage :+1:

it is there to help the team, so when needed it is distributed, but it appears that your team isn’t doing it as other teams, so the so call “corruption” is within your management.

so this situation should be discussed with your management and your other members that do not have access to the rss. If situation persists, time to find a new team.

@TFXxTIO I’m pretty sure that you’re the only person playing War Dragons who questions the usefulness of lumber and food storage in team Banks.


Why not ???

because then there wouldn’t be enough wood for the smoker or food for the BBQ


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