Lumber and food protection

Hi PG!

Your lumber and food protection “thingy “ doesn’t protect much. Your team is aware of this problem (and many others) and is still unable to fix it. Why? Too hard? Meh…

Get a better code team. The players will thank you.
Bb now x


you forgot that you spent your resource or transferred it before logging out. Your mills and farm can be raided if you dont collect them. The protection only affects the storage hut and the production affects the mills/farms.

You can try to contact support if you see that you have less resource than you think and they might be able to track it down if you spent them, sent them or it’s just from your production building.


It doesn’t say that!
Clearly the protected amount is not even 50% of your storage. How is it so valueble except for the fact that it boosts production decently?
For the kind of importance that boost gets, its clearly underwhelming.

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the regular protection is around 10%. With the boost, it goes to around 30%

I had around 85k protection initially and when I boosted mine, it went straight to 255k or something which is 30% of the total amount.

Been having that same 30% for 12 hours with no issue. Mills/Farms gets farm though since I was offline for 12 hours. (during the previous training event)

Picture below shows the before and after the boost was activated. You can see that I have 150K food and wood and when I activated my wood boost and used some wood pack, the protection goes up to 437K.

Although it should be 452,088 if we multiple it by 3 (200% increase for a 300% protection), but still the protection is active. Will leave it for 12 hours again with the boost and get the exact value. Haven’t built anything yet while testing this out.
EDIT: transferred some wood to lessen the amount.

Compensation package? That’d be an insane millions of wood. :rofl: It would be nice to see boosted buildings protect as it does unboosted but yeah…

I wonder if it’s been broken since the introduction of boosts. :thinking:

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Sugar, are you saying that you don’t get the production boost assuming you stay online and harvest from your mills or farms?

Mine works but as many have pointed out, the “protection” only applies to wood / food (related to the boost activated) stored AFTER you harvest it from your mills / farms. My protection works when I am online or at least logging on long enough to harvest regularly. It will not protect what’s in your mills / farms that you have yet to harvest.

My mills are lvl 44 and currently producing 67,000 lumber per hour.

My storage hut is level 67, holds 1.24 million and protects around 400,000 wood with the boost running.

Mine doesn’t always work, same with food. Been raided down to 0 resources before with a protection boost up (even without it shouldn’t be able to be taken down to 0). Support is aware and so on and so forth. It doesn’t always happen for me but when it does its annoying as hell.

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but isn’t that only when you’re not online or don’t harvest? Guess I’m just lucky mine seems to work. Though would like it to protect mills / farms too

I was online for one of the times I know for sure, not sure about the rest. But since when has that been a thing, your storage has no protection at all if you’re offline?

You boosted rss buildings don’t. What you have on hand, as seen in the upper right, is protected. The protected indicator should be further out as well, as seen in Kenshiki’s post above.

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As far as I ever understood it has to be in your storage and shown as part of your on hand balance of resources up in the top right corner of your screen. If it’s in your mills and farms I never thought it was protected. That’s why I harvest early and often.

Its not about ability, its about profit. In case you haven’t noticed yet PG is very strongly focused on Profits over anything else including game play. They’re making some improvements and at least starting to do slightly better on it or I wouldn’t be back on the forums at all (@PGJared congrats on actually taking several of the right steps).

Protecting more of the resources is something an entry level programmer could very easily do. The reason why they don’t do it is because they make a ridiculous amount of money by people buying packages and chests, one of the reasons they do this is for resources or resource boosts (which also boost protection). These can be purchased directly with rubies, or are also obtained via sigils in the seasonal branches.

@forScience @Sparky4FD

Correct, the mills can be raided as long as there is stuff in there to raid. the “0” I’m referring to is the storage number in the top right. During just this last feed event I was online when I got hit and it drained me to having 0 food left. I had a protection boost going, but should have been protected either way. Support gave me what looks like the same message, I didn’t even ask for compensation I just wanted it fixed but support mentioned possible compensation haha. I just wanted them to be aware that it had happened.

It’s just annoying given how hard it can be to scrounge up resources during these events. That said, it doesn’t happen frequently to me by any means, 2 or 3 times total, but it has happened.

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Oh, wow, that’d definitely be frustrating. iOS and only while offline? Were attacks close together?

Android and I was online for the latest one, the other times I can’t remember whether I was online or offline. I don’t remember if I got hit multiple times or once to be honest, I came back from my own raid to see I’d been hit for all my food and had 0 in storage. In any case, none of the food should have been available for anyone to take let alone all of it :man_shrugging:

Maybe somehow the protection boost was not acting right, and I got hit multiple times at the same time for what would have been available if I was not using the boost?

Just making this up but lets say I have 84k in storage and while I do have a boost going and all should be protected, it’s instead not working right and sticking with my normal 42k protection. 2 people hit me at the same exact time for my 42k unprotected food and take all 84k? Completely spit-balling there.

Yeah, pretty much that, just like how sometimes people will still get RSS even after it’s either already been transferred entirely or until the cap but still deduct from there, as server messaging hasn’t caught up. It does seem like it should be less often, though.

We are seeing a lot of players with resources, but when we attack we receive 0 resources.
When we bookmark after we still see them have resources.

Could this be related to the protection? Does this still show the RSS in the matchmaking even though it’s protected?
Do others expierence this too?

It’s always happeing during fortification or feeding event. So it looks related.

This is another one of the longstanding bugs with production boosts; matchmaking shows as if the base doesn’t have the boost on, so you have to guess at it/get lucky with someone who’s been offline for a while.

`So it’s a known problem? CAn i find the open bugs list somewhere?