Lumber boost during event?

I just noticed that my mills are producing at the same rate as my farms (around 8.5k/hr), which is my normal production rate. In previous fortification events that production rate was about 11k/hr throughout the event, if I remember correctly. Am I crazy? If not lumber boost is being applied at the moment, will they be applied during the weekend? I deleted the mails from PG about the event, so I don’t know if this has been stated before.

Any information will be appreciated!

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This is a good point; lumber is typically boosted during fort and food during breeding/feeding. I don’t see it mentioned in the mails this time, though. :cry:

Edit: My mills/farms weren’t the same levels earlier, so I’ll have to check later.

:scream: No lumber boosts? Though I hadn’t really noticed myself since I’m more or less sitting this event out so I don’t over level my base.

Plenty of things to level up without leveling yourself…den, builder hut, forge, all things on main island

+RSS buildings giving effectively nothing (40XP or so)

Already did the storage hut twice. Need 2 more sapphire eggs before a builder’s hut upgrade though :neutral_face: I’ll probably do the breeding castle or incubator later on during the event.

My lumber production is boosted. I just checked and confirmed.

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Ah… I took it as you were at 0… I’m in the same boat as you… I did over a mil points on just 2 levels… lol from 198-200… mostly farms and mills and storage…

I remember doing that one event lol. I’d done all the builder’s hut upgrades that needed the platinum eggs but hadn’t upgraded my farms or mills at all… was waiting for a fortification event. Hit close to 1M points without going up any levels :joy::joy::joy:

But that was back when I bred Rizar and Kaiju… and I just finished Hau last breeding event and am part way through Frostbitter. It’ll be a while before I get my missing 2 sapphire eggs :woman_facepalming:t2:

I concur. Lumber RSS is nill compared to the Food rewards even when lumber reward prediction is far greater starting attack.

Edit:. Ok I read the initial post too quick. But my comment is still true.

If lumber prediction > food prediction it most likely means that person has a lumber production boost on. Avoid those targets.

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50+ other players experiencing the same phenomenon. Considering a possible simultaneous attack lumber is nill while food stays intact.

Again apologies for misaligned comments. The new forum is not playing nice with my iPad.

Tips taken prior to your post :wink:

I guess they forgot to turn it on before. Now my production rate is increased to normal fortification levels

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