Lumber Mill (research) Production is Broken

So I have been going back and forth with the help desk on this issue. My mill is producing exactly what it should if there was no research. My sheep farm is producing exactly what it should with research. The problem is they are both supposed to be boosted 24%. The help desk just told me this is intended and that the levels are not equal.

Can someone @PGJared help me here?

Ticket 996758

Update: Support has now confirmed there is a problem. Asked if I had multiple accounts on the same device, but I have not. Will see where this goes.

Update 2: first support has been great in timely responses. I was told to reinstall, which I did and I still have the issue.

Are others seeing this issue? The problem is I cannot upgrade my storage which I should be able to do but because my production is not enough I now have to level up and then upgrade the build then the mill, etc.

If they’re the same level, and if they’re both researched the same, then they should be producing the same amounts. Except:

  • Fortification event where lumber mills get a production boost
  • Feeding and breeding events where the farms get a production boost

Hope this helps you

Thanks now we just need PG to fix it because I have seen the same issue on another account. There are no production boosts. This is happening during a breeding event and I have no production runes.

I wonder how wide spread this really is?

On my other account I have level 39 mills and farms and one produces 11.1 and the other 8.5 per hour. I think the whole research is broken.

Check their production during pvp event - if not the same then raise a ticket.

Thanks but I first noticed it in the last energy event.

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