Lumber packs from gold chests

I open 10 gold chests for4k rubies and got2/25k lumber packs then opened the bonus chest for75k lumber and they never went to my lumber storage what do I do?

Did you open the packs themselves or just the chests? Packs go to a separate area (tap the + next to where it says how much wood you have) so you can add them to your storage at your convenience

Top left of screen click on lumber bar at top will show lumber packs… same with food packs

*Top right :wink:

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Alternatively, they will show up if you decide to upgrade building which costs more than wood in your storage (unless it’s beyond your storage capacity).

Bahahaha :joy::joy::joy: thank you

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It’s also possible that the server is lagging. Earlier I opened 10 gold chests, was very confused for a few minutes, and then got my rubies back

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