Lumber “Protection” Boost

I used this boost on my base keep in mind that my max amount of lumber is around 600k and I only have 70k left before I got attacked. The boost should have increased my protected lumber but after I was attacked I was left with 1k this makes no sense since even with the boost I still lost all my lumber to one attack. I know there are a few posts that are similar BUT none of them got a resolution. Please fix this glitch.

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This 70k was in your storage building, not still in the mill buildings?

That stinks if so. Seems sporadic since mine works as long as I have it in storage and NOT in my mills

Oh one more problem is that the points in team contribution and personal points don’t match up. Idk if it is just me but to lazy to start a new post :joy::sweat_smile:

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Yes all in storage the person got a total of 82k including mills

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That is weird my boost is also working great I thought it was fixed because normally I have a protection issue.

Were you offline when attacked?

Yes I was offline then got a notification saying I was attacked also if this information helps, I logged on quick to collect rss then logged off to continue my day it might be a lag issue because the attack was a few minutes after I was offline.

That might be part of it, I leave my device running all day while at work so I can harvest regularly. Not saying it should be that way, you just might have better luck if you can do the same, or at least log in every 40 or so depending on production speed

I’ve noticed that even with the extra protection if a low level player attacks me even with a bigger player backing them it doesn’t work.

Mine don’t either

Have you recorded the following:

Storage Hut’s wood amount before logging out
Recent upgrade before logging out

People tend to forget that they had below protection value before logging out and finding that they lost 150K and suddenly saying that they have that amount on their storage hut.

I have recorded mine before and it’s still that amount. All resource stolen from me came from my mills and farms

Same problem with my rss. With the protection used it says it should protect around 200k but seems it keeps getting stolen down to around 12k

Did you transfer your resource or upgraded something before logging out or leaving the game?

Try to record that when you activate your boost so you can see if there is actually a bug.

Once boost is activated you can see the protected amount when clicking on the storage, if I log back in and the remaining rss is lower than the protect amount that I had seen I’m pretty sure there is a bug. As I have seen in previous post, this affects only some players not all and for reasons I do not know of but even though this is a huge disadvantage for the people that are being affected by it.

I have that issue

I’ve left with (let’s say) 200k in storage and protected with room to spare before going over my protected ammoint and come back to almost nothing.

And with the boost running I have come back to farms and mills (whatever boost is running) at zero which should never happen.

The boosts have always been bugged and it seems to be beyond their programmers abilities to fix.

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I have brought this upfew times but seems problem still not resolved. If it can’t be resolved then may I suggest they be taken off from forge. Boost cost ruby

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