Lumber ran out faster than usual today

Anyone else feel like this was the case? usually theres 30-45 minutes of good hunting. Today it was like 10.


No, I was late to the party and still managed decent raids :man_shrugging:

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Had 30 to 40 minutes of solid targets then dry

I dunno seemed like raids were better this time…probably because they didn’t start at the top of the hour as most expect. Only a certain number of people on. That said, I’ve never seen good hunting past maybe 20 min lol

I also agree… had better luck with my raids today

Yeah, it wasn’t too bad for me, either. I’m 148xp away from being a proud level 84 after jumping from 77.
148xp. Just 148. How agonizing :upside_down_face:

I had some AWESOME raids (sorry to those that I fleeced 400k+ from, ok, not really), but yeah, seemed to run out a little faster than usual…:man_shrugging: It’ll be fine by Sunday though so idc.


Ifarmed enough to hit my 450 sigil cut off

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Wow… I’ve never seen a target that big…
I’m glad though, since I can upgrade my farms and mills 6x each…


They’re rare, but they do exist :drooling_face:

Some dude got 330k off me because I was late to the party - oh well :man_shrugging:

Wasn’t me! :thinking: least I don’t think it was :smiling_imp:

You’ll get 40k based on our level differences. :joy:

Same here lol

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Its interesting that people had such widely varying experiences. I wonder why that is?

I wasn’t on someone hit me for 990k lumber lol…

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