Lunar Cycle 28 days. Make more dragons. IE: Breeding

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/yawn I can’t get excited about:

a) Having to pick just one leg each breeding these days.
b) Always being short on tokens every single breeding now and having to use fragments.
c) Never having enough tokens to do any research since it came out.
d) Making a dragon I’ll use just long enough to get to max simply out of habit.
e) PG holding back parent/child info just to make it harder for normal folks to pick what they want.

On the bright side, PvP will be over in a few hours and I can put that mess behind me.

Who is going to experiment with insta breed? Are you going to screen shot your tokens/frags before and after? Would you want to work for Zendesk when the event starts?


The question is, does tier discount apply instantly when the new drags get released? I dont know if PG told us something about a new discount-stage. If there is a new tier Discount At all of course^^

History says no. Maybe next month?
Emp Mythics still require WAY too much XP to level as well.

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Guess I get to finish my 1st abysmal that I cannot hatch until I get enough timers to get 11 more levels.

I am going to test the instant breed with a couple hundred eggs before I use it to finish breeding. Gotta make sure it gives points correctly because I dont want to waste my time with tickets due to bugs…

I won’t be touching the instabreed this time, just in case. But maybe next time…

And with the careful resource management I needed in order to breed abysmals (And probably the new tier, don’t know yet) I feel like I’m now in the n-1 tier. Thanks PG!

Me too! Just as I reach the door to n…BAM…back to n-1 I go. Probably for the better. Maybe the mythic costs will decrease when I get to those.

I must finish Lusian and start Oculex… but I’m not sure I want to blow so many timers on hatching two Empyrean eggs :grimacing:

Always! and you know it :rofl:

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