Luv ya guts everyone!

Hey WD people,
After much consideration I came to a decision.
To say goodbye!
Thank you PG for gathering together a massively awesome community that became much more than a game! You created the opportunity for me to meet people from all over this globe. Forever in your debt!
Why, I hear the people who complained about every update!
Simply because of this.

Lol you’re funny.
Needed a smile.
I understand the future is mine… so working on that.
Depression is a weird thing hey. Jupiter tried to tell me I was bipolar lol
It is funny how such a tiny thing like a game made me sooo very happy. It kept me connected with people. Now it is not around I find myself falling further into not understanding myself. As there was soo many in that team and game who helped my mind from loosing the plot.
3 years is a long time to be involved with sooo many people.
For now, I am not trying to replace that, but more trying to understand and remember I am ok on my own. I dont need confirmation from other people the I am going to keep moving forward.
I do understand that it will be for the moment 3 steps backwards and one step forward.
Maybe I should have been more honest to those guys in Syndicates, the extent of my depression.
But was too very afraid to let them know, like I have let you in.
Luv ya guts

You know something funny!
I never once understood or expected why I chose to lead a team when I had my own problems. I think it was that thing of, if I can’t save myself, maybe I can save this team from destruction. You know… putting others before yourself. I fought hard for them all hey. But forgot to fight for me. I suppose that is where Quinn questioned me.
I wanted more than anything to see them have a castle but more so to see them active, to be communicative. Castle or not!
Like you said… it was all about the people!
Best thing is they are where I sooo wanted them to be… protected. I just found it hard that someone else provided that for them. I suppose I felt threatened because someone else provided that to a group of people that I could not achieve no matter all the effort I put in.
Looking back now, every move and word I said… no matter how it hurt all of us. The right leader is there, an I can concerntrate on me for once.
I was lucky enuff to find friends to band together and create something beautiful… from Sunbrothers and to the Syndicated! I wish that I could have let them all know the severity of the black dog that hounds me. Maybe things could have been very different and I would not have used strategies that pushed you all further away from me. Rather to be honest enuff to be truthful to those I became close to about how much this has affected me. Now I am just tired, lost all interest in everything Pam. So I sleep now more than I stay awake. That’s the funny thing about that game, those people, that team! It kept me awake!
You have my permission to post this to others in line… direct friends and Syndicayes. It may help them understand my actions.
Either way I am pretty sure knowing truth about a person brings closure and understanding.
I miss the sun you all provided me, even at our worstest.
We ate all hooman :metal:
Sun :thinking: fun*
Um ate! I never ate a hooman! :smile: Jess goodbye, you entered my heart, my mind and my day.
I will never forget you or any that showed me friendship or kindness.


I hope you’ll find the help you need :pensive:


A good leader isn’t afraid to step back and give away the leadership to someone who can lead a team better than him or her at this time.
It’s isn’t the easiest thing to lead a team and be there every time for your members and your team, and don’t put yourself on place 1.

I hope you get the help you need, it sounds like you need some professional help that a online community can’t provide to you .
I don’t know you, but take care.


Goodbye… hope you find whatever form of help you need :+1:t2:


I can relate more than you could ever imagine. I wish you well on your journey.


I don’t know you either but I’m sorry the game has been giving you this effect. You do need professional help and maybe some meds to help. The hardest part is going out to get the help, after that it is easy. I hope you will be able to see this and read it still. Also, please don’t kill yourself over this. Instead go out and find help and make friends. Force yourself to be around people.

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Thanks guys for your positive words.
Em… maybe I should have been clearer. The game did not make me feel this way lol this game was my saviour. My depression came about way before I played WD. Sometimes life hits us with things we are not prepared for, so no I will not be killing myself :smile:
CV :metal:


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