Lv. 117 Gyuf looking for a home

Looking for Team (Applying)
LFT – yourLevel yourNameyourLeague to requestedLeague

Language: English
Time Zone: I live in the pacific close to Japan’s time zone
Played time: like 1year
Age Range: 18
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: Necryx, kinnarus, Ayvx
Highest Lineage Dragon: going to sapphire next breeding

About: strong active player that loves attacking with strategy and not just power, never miss war unless something going wrong with the WiFi. Looking for a team with Atlas and is willing to train a rookie. :laughing:

Hello! Please consider ArkhamLegends, we’re about to be promoted to platinum. :grin: Check us out if you’re interested, we have a spot available.
Edit: We don’t have atlas :grimacing:

Dracoknights is looking for a member. We are jumping to plat 2 today.
Shoot me a message if interested.

TKOdragons is looking for active members. we’re now gold 3. however, we have lots of new members willing to learn. it’s up to you if you want to help us grow.

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