Lv 121 LFT Plat1-S3


LFT – Lv 121 Drogonhunter46 – S1 to Plat 1-S3


Language: English
Time Zone: CST
Played time: 2 years
Age Range: 18+
Elite Account?: Elite for rubies
Dragon Roster Includes: Fomhar, Gunnar, Prospero, Axi, Gunnar, Coatl, Cavalaris, Somnus
Highest Lineage Dragon: Scorchil

About: Looking for an active team that does well in events and wars in the Platinum 1 to Sapphire 3 range. I am very active and do well in events. I also try to stay at minimum breeding level.


Check out NewbieNoobs! We’re Platinum two with atlas and castles :grin:


Answer me on Line homie. :stuck_out_tongue:


If you’re willing to set your sights a little lower, my offer might interest you.

ANGELSnDEM0NS is a Plat 2 Atlas team looking for some people to replace low-performers :slight_smile: We’re looking for people who can hit the sixth team prize tier (That’s the 30k tier this PvP) every PvP, can donate 1.4m a week to our taxless banks, and build troops with the gold they earn from their xp runs. You seem to be on Icicle 1, yes? You’d have no problem meeting our breeding requirement of sapphire+, but we’d prefer a base with strong gear and tower level corresponding to your respective breeding tier, sapphire, hopefully at max for your level.

We offer 650 tokens a day from Atlas, and 400 from the main game, as well as 31.9% xp and 45.6% gold bonus from mines, and also have at least one castle in each element of land.

We’ve been champions in our league for every PvP…except one, I think, from last season. We’re typically top 5 for minor events, and occasionally get the 1.2k sigil reward for them.

Do drop me a pm if you’re interested, or just want to find out more :stuck_out_tongue:

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