Lvl 1 Ember XP compare

22.74M here, just curious as to others.

170.2M here, level 161


I’m 160 and most my runs with em gives 2.6k, impressive 170M stored.

I fully expect low level players will have high XP due to using the FreeXP280 training trick.

Im at 48M for the record

low level dont receive as much xp as high level so it would be likely to be less or equal

164M stored. Level 151.

Yup, backing lower level mates on FreeXp280 will cause an uptick in the xp. Nice going @drag0n41. :+1:t3:

130M, level 122. Started using him around the time I hit double digit levels, though. And I’ve maintained at least two on-team alts for most of my WD lifetime.

I receive 6 XP each run I do with ember because I only use him for mission runs.

Compare this to people who use him for missions AND farm cleanup AND back teammates for up to 75% of their XP each run.

That’s my point :upside_down_face:

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Use for quest “win so many”, that’s 12 xp for me. 2.6k is chest farming.

Those in teams with lower level players will hit FreeXp280 more often so Mech is right … their Embers will have more xp. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just as likely that players in lower level leagues will have more war flames in total than higher league players. Gold and plat teams war way more often than sap and diamond teams. :grin:


I’m lvl 172 and use Ember primarily for missions and chest hunting. Occasional farm cleanup. I didn’t even know about the FreeXP280 trick until about a month ago :joy:. Otherwise, xp would probably be much higher like other lower levels.

dont you use ember to help xp run on low level as well?

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Seeing as i’m basically the lowest level on my team at L217, no.

I back anyone on my team on invader runs with the dragon i’m currently training (currently Fom) :man_shrugging:

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