Lvl 100 active player looking for sapphire 3 team

I’m pretty active and will be breeding sapphire tier dragons in next breed event.
Please send your invite.


Hey you!
Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Let us see who can absorb my 24x7 hyper activeness.

We’re not in the league you’re looking for but we’re very active and got level 100’s to help you when the team can’t!
Give us a try and see what you think? Apply for RavenShieldz! Plus can you beat our 24 x 7 hyper activiness!!!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

How are you breeding sapphires at level 100? What plat drags have you got already?

Kelvin, Kaiju

Cool nice! I’m assuming you’re levelling up to 108 next week then to get ready for breed. I’m only getting rizar and kelvin next breed and I’m 104…:sweat: a bit behind but hope to catch up next season with the token boost

Yes. Need to catch all required breeder of lvl 108 in order to make path for next lvl 126 breeder. In fortification planning to reach to at least lvl 114 in order to unlock platinum stone usage for my divines.

Meanwhile saved 21 k rubies and 150 k token. Lot of grinding mate :joy::sweat_smile:

Mods. You may close this thread.

Ok closing the thread, thanks.