Lvl 100+ Warriors required urgently for prospective Platinum shift


Our team ShadowLords431 is fast melding into a hot prospect for rising into platinum. We aren’t there yet; we have just a few places to fill. We have a huge gap between our top player lvl146 and the next, lvl83. We are seeking the best people for the job. Must be fun-loving, generous, reliable, fierce, and willing to mentor and teach others. Because that’s who WE are. I could also add, ‘ridiculously open-hearted’ but that’s just me, being the mother hen.
We don’t believe in buying a win, but we do pretty well without.
We do believe that the real world is more important than a game, that’s why we linked with our SisterTeam AncientEmpire, our Low Activity option for rest, vacations and when overwork means undergaming. Because we actually care!

Mail me for more info @dekamin


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