Lvl 15 forts... weren’t supposed to be possible

It was said 12 was the max…?

It shows the crappy (useless) AI bases going up to lvl 13 forts?
Maybe, it’s time to rethink this only allowing Marshals on lvl 4 & 5 Lands?

Also, having unlimited castle guards means certain forts can stay with certain teams forever.

Why are there no limits on castle guards?
Everything else is limited.


OMG I am furious at this finding.
Our team worked damn hard on getting HQ and Fort to level 4 so that we could assign a defensible base. I used diamonds when under attack to make this happen. What an idiot I am.

The cost to get a castle even remotely close to defensible is now astronomical. 21M for lvl 4-5 which only gives me a base defence level equivalent to a level 200 in ‘real player base’ terms, and so I need 6 more even if costs don’t climb (but knowing they will) this is over 1B in gold to get a base closer (but still not equivalent) to my strongest teammates

Is the goal to make castle defense impossible? Why even bother. It’s primarchs only from now on. Castle guards are obviously only there to be killed quickly to trigger a shield if you’re lucky enough not to be in cooldown :rage:

I urgently and respectfully request @PGJared @PGCrisis and any other PG who architect game play to review this and let teams on lands lower than level 4’s assign marshals to adequately defend land, and/ or drastically reduce the cost of fort levels and/or increase the base strength with mage and tower boosts like we all use. Hell, make it possible for the team to boost the default base :woman_shrugging: ANYTHING would be better than the current state. :weary:


You can’t add castle guards while the castle has an enemy primarch on it. AKA if you are trying to siege, don’t leave after you bubble, keep some people on there.

but you can put 10-100 Million+ guards on a fort… because there are no limits.

and at 7500 max kill per hit??? well you do the math there.

If you put 100M guards on a single castle, then you will not have very many guards on your other castles :slight_smile:

There are teams with 1M+ per fort times 40-50 forts… and when you have to fight a lvl 500+ base every run… exactly when do they lose that fort? (PG lets you see all of that information now.)

So going by the numbers alone…
It is numerically impossible time Vs RSS wise for it to happen.

They have strategically buffed their castles they want to hold on to. I don’t see anything wrong with this. These teams obviously have a super high holding in the game and have earned a ton of glory by attacking to make this happen.

Are you suggesting putting a cap on the amount of castle guards that can be hired to a single castle?
Or the total amount of castle guards a team can have deployed at a single time?

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We have limits on everything else? Why not this is my point.

Each fort should have a “size” or amount of guards they can hold. If you have a lvl 1 fort it only takes 30-40,000 to pop the bubble?
But you can put 1M guards inside that little ass fort?

Im not saying limit just the top forts I am saying ALL of them should have limits. Maybe 3 times the number it takes to set shields. As a Maximum hold capacity.

And even 1M guards, if you have enough troops or can afford to keep reviving, will last a long time. It does cots you the troops, but unless we’re at the beginning or end of a season where you might get 3 weeks with no pvp shield, a siege won’t last long enough to kill enough guards (unless the Attackers vastly outnumber the defenders). And we all know how well atlas handles very large numbers of people in the same region…

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That is a very good suggestion.
Relate it to fort level perhaps?


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thats what I was getting at… sure you can reload them once all enemies are gone but there needs to be a holding capacity.

This would also STOP idiots/newbies from loading too many guards or wasting guards on the wrong forts.

lvl 1 fort 90,000
lvl 2 fort 120,000
lvl 3 fort 180,000
lvl 4 fort 360,000
lvl 5 fort 500,000 …
lvl 6 fort 600,000 …there should be caps

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