Lvl 164 looking for atlas

Language: English
Time Zone: uk
Played time: couple years I think
Age Range: over 18
Elite Account?: yes
Dragon Roster Includes: kinn, chim, nollaig, hau and frostbiter
Highest Lineage Dragon: hau and frost

About: it’s come to that time where I feel like if I want atlas I’m going to have to find a new team. I love my old team and I’m looking for a team with a similar feel to it. I don’t want to sound demanding but I want to write what I’m looking for so I can find the team that’s right for me.
I’m a level 164 and breeding garnet dragons.
I’m from the uk so I’d like a team with some European team mates so I’m not sat on tc on my own while everyone else sleeps.
I’d like a team that is competitive in atlas. I don’t mean has to be doing really well but making an effort and not just ignoring the atlas button. After all If I’m moving for atlas I’d like a team that use it.
I’m not into drama so you can expect no drama for me and I’d like a no drama team back.
I’m coming from a platinum team that don’t do waves or have atlas so I’d like a team that don’t mind explaining things to me and possibly answering a 100 questions or so but once it’s been explained I’ll be fine getting on.
I put a lot of effort into the game so I am quite competitive but at the same time I do work so can’t be on all the time. As I’m uk and work I won’t be on at the start or end of wars most of the time. I’d like a team that is competitive but do understand life.
In return I can guarantee all war attacks will be completed. I get a decent event score each event and happy to work as a team. I complete some team quests but got to admit I don’t make a huge effort on them.
Anything else just ask
IGN shel14097
Level 164

We’d like to give you a shot at HCBD if your would like to give it a go

Celtic War Heros look is up and see what you think .

Apply to IrishDragons :slight_smile: We have Atlas, castles, and will be returning to sapph this week!

Message FinnMcCuhmaill if interested! Let him know Drey sent you!

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