Lvl 178 Base layout seeks opinions

Hi guys, gals and non-binary pals,

I’m torn between two base layouts at the moment, and would like advice/opinions before I set it into stone with the expensive moving of runes.

Build 1

Island 1-2

Lumber Mill (44) - Sheep Farm (44)
Crystal Howitzer (40) - Cosmic Orrery (40) - Ice Flak (38)
Blue Mage (32) - Red Mage (31)
SF (44) - Ice Turret (38) - LM (44)

Seagazer perch (31) - Whalegnawer with Red Shard def rider lvl 28, mix of epic& legendary gear

Island 3

BM (28) - Earth Flak (40)
Fire Turret (38) - Dark Flak (40) - Red Mage (28)

Island 4

BM (1) - RM (1)
RM(1) - IT (18) - BM (1)

(bonus) Island 5

BM-RM-BM (1)

Build 2

Island 3

LM - IT (18)
SF - LM - SF

Island 4-5

RM (28) - BM (28)
CH (40) - CO (40) - IF (38)
BM (32) - EF (40)
FT (38) - DF (40) - RM (31)

Riverswatch Perch (31) - Whalegnawer&co

Island 6

BM (1) - RM (1)
RM(1) - IT (18) - BM (1)

Build 1 is close to a basic, classic build. I quite like it, but I’ve noticed attackers easily wreck my 3rd island before they get shot down by the CH - CO - IF lineup in i1. That’s why I was thinking of bringing them all together in Build 2.

Build 2 should work as a line of offense, on paper, but I feel that it risks losing the defense and distraction provided in Build 1 by the SF and LM flanking the more aggressive towers, while the later fire off at will.

So: how would you feel about it?

if probably go 2


I see that all of your towers are not maxed - this is bad and probably the reason players can beat your kill island really easily. I am ~10 levels below you and all of my kill island towers are level 42, which is max for my level. Also a fire turret? Really? Fire turrets are useless. If you want to build a turret build an ice turret but i wouldn’t as there are much better towers. Put your Ice flak onto your kill island, that would be another reason why players can easily beat your base, your mages aren’t levelled so they can easily destroy them and there is no Ice flak to disable their spells. Here is what i would do: Island 2/3/5 (can work for any of these but switch the positions of the Dark flak and blue mage so that the dark flak is always on the outside of the turn.)
Ice flak - Cosmic orrery
Dark flak - Red Mage - Blue Mage
Don’t worry about levelling any towers but these and your farms. If you want to, you can put this set up on island 5 and put some other towers like the Howi on island 4 but i wouldn’t level these towers up as the resources are expensive.


The second layout seems more promising. My only additional advisement would be to replace Whalegnawer with a warrior. This in return grants your towers increased health. Typically, it’s the mythic warriors that are most efficient on perches, since their benefit extends upon that of a legendary. There are various methods one can use in combat against a hunter or a sorcerer; increased tower attack and supershot power are nonissues to numerous dragons in that most have spells to avoid shots, and in that most of the players flying them are highly adept and have developed skills to use against these empowered shots, rendering hunters and sorcerers useless on perches. Boosted health ensures difficulty for the opposer to destroy your towers in that it either:

A) Impedes the dragon in the destruction process, giving you more time to spam hammers for health regain…
… or B) Sets your towers at a substantially higher health power status in accordance with what it typical for your level, and this is good because you may be privileged with the ability to easily outclass opponents at your level, and may even manage to kill some opponents above your own tier. (I could do this at your level and beyond.)

Disclaimer: I do not mean to be a critic. All of the above comments are uncritical. My only intention is to advise, so I apologize in advance if anything implied criticism to you.


Thank you @Jalen , I’ll take that under advisement. The only reason I’m still using Whalegnawer is that my rider was already equipped with ice gear, and with levels going up as fast as they have been in the last two fort events (I had quite a lot of rss hoarded for that), I haven’t had the time to look into that.

It’s good info to have, the one you gave about the warrior and it sure does make sense. I’ll give this a try, thank you.

Also, as a note: I appreciate the non judgemental aspect of your advice, it’s very refreshing. Wish we were all a bit more careful about this!

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If you have defensive ice gear, then put your defensive rider on Amarok to get that 15% HP boost. Mehaten is the first mythic warrior - hence I started with fire gear, on Danzig, then moved to Mehaten when I had him and perch leveled to 31. Later added a second set, went with dark gear on Kaiju then Stormheim (requires level 45 perch).

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I would make a third suggestion. Put your mages on Island 3 for a mage drain, your kill island with highest level kill flaks, FIRE TURRET WHICH IS NOT USELESS, on Island 2, rss on Island one and two with the COrrery center and Howitzer beside. Follow FozzieBears suggestion on your perch and plan ahead for each perch leveling. Since you only have room for 10 towers, either put your earth flak in the middle of your mages, or merge your ice turret into your Howitzer/Orrery/Ice Flak/ or Dark Flak. Merge all your high level mages into 2 strongest blue and 2 strongest red. You don’t need more than that. Check out base layouts in youtube for more suggestions. And you definitely do not need more than 3 islands at your level.

I’m level 388 and coach my team in base building with the other officers, so I’ve tried to do a good bit of research. Hope this helps:)

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Ok yes they are not useless however there much better options for a base than a fire turret like the dark flak, fire flak or howi. The fire turret deals alot of damage but so slow to fire that i can dodge it or freeze easily.

Ok, so something like :


LM - CO - CH


SF - IF - DF


RM - EF - BM

Did I get this right ?

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Agreed, but it’s pretty dang close.

Yes! See what you think of that and of course matching runes and glyphs will help.

Fire Turret - I compared Health, speed, special attack etc… using transform. If you set it against the other towers, you can see for yourself how it compares. I did the same with Ice turret and decided to transform/merge (can’t remember) in favor of the orrery. Sometimes you just need to see for yourself.

Using transform won’t let you compare it to towers of the same level. I would take a level 40 fire turret over a level 20 dark flak any day but compare it to a level 40 dark flak and the fire turret stands no chance.

That’s fair, but it isn’t a level /0 flak you compare it to. Tbh it’s probably closer to 39

No that is an incredibly bad base. You NEED mages on your kill island other wise dragons will steam roll it. At least have one red and blue mage on island 2, if you are using it as your kill island (personally id put it on island 3 but it doesn’t really matter) use this set up:
Island 1:
LM - CH - SF

Island 2:
DF - RM - BM

Just checked in game and i can transform my level 37 ice turret into a level 22 flak.


If your mages have done their job, the dragon has no rage for spells and cannot steam roll the kill island ijs… it’s islands with strong mages that usually do me in unless I have a white spell to kill them all.

Ice Turret vs. 22 which flak? And did you compare the special attack etc? Have an opinion? You could also wait til they are a little bigger and transform.

No. Most dragons have a white cloak, dodge, freeze, stun or shield. I think all of my seasonal dragons could get through the mage drain you suggested. Also forgot to mention its better to have a ice flak on your rage drain instead of an earth flak

Any. it was the same conversion for all five of them.

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You over estimate people. I’m not gonna say it’s an Ideal base but yeah lol

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Yes the white spell can get through them, but I can usually blow through a red or blue mage on a kill island with one hit. Two red together might be a solution on your kill island.

This is why I went for the long island kill islands 4-5 and rss on island 3. You can fit your mages and kill towers without using space for rsss.