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Looking for Team (Applying)
LFT – Level 210 KingBreezy337 – Random League to Atlas team


Language: English
Time Zone: CTS?
Played time: too long lol
Age Range: 18+ preferred but whatever cool to teach kids about the game I guess
Elite Account?: nah son
Dragon Roster Includes: Frostbiter, Hauheset, Airbean, & Co
Highest Lineage Dragon: Garnet Frostbiter my dood

About: From Louisiana. Just coming back from a needed break away & looking to rekindle my old flame for this game. Meet new people & have fun again. Also a pretty funny guy lol.

Let me be the first to offer you a team to call home. My FlyingArrows are a Platinum team with Atlas and infrastructure.

Plenty of support to help you find your rhythm in the game.


SandSlingers- Plat 1, castles in every element yada yada yada. Just apply. :crazy_face:

ValiantLegends could use some new blood - expecting to be S3 after event, but if not, we will be the week after :slight_smile:

Happy to help you get back into the game as long as you plan to be active :slight_smile:

SoloHunter sounds like your kinda place. Long term player just enjoying the game. We do not have Atlas, but doing well without.

You mention kids, got some you wish to join with you too? That sounds great we already have a few on and off when they’re able.



Do you have any atlas experience? Or are you just looking for an Atlas team?

We are in sapphire and always looking to improve the team especially with Atlas players! Your right around the minimum but definitely could be a good fit if your a very active Atlas player.
Apply if interested :+1:
Team name KittyNSausage :see_no_evil:

< insert shameless team plug here >
Nah but really, if you’re looking to start in a lower league, GODSnDRAGONS is recruiting. We’re in Plat III but moving up. If you’re interested, please mail me in game or on here(Whichever you like). GL with your search!

I have plenty of knowledge about Atlas but may need a little catchup inn the latest version. I do have all primarchs, some leveled up a bit.

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SkullxIsland is always looking for active players. We are a laid back, platinum 3 team. Just right to get your feet wet again! Apply, please.

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LastProphecy. Platinum 2 with atlas. Castle(s) in all elements. We finish well in events. Typically top 5 for pvp. Not agressive with team quest missions.

Hey KingBreezy,

Check out NewbieNoobs.
We’d love to have you join!

ArchDevilz in S3, we have 11 castles. Always looking for active players :smiley:

Hi @KingBreezy337, I was told that you were looking to close your thread as you already found a wonderful team? :eyes:


@moderators please close

Yes indeed

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Closing at OP’s request, if you feel the need to get it reopen please reach out to moderators in pm.