Lvl 218 Parabellum

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LFT – level 218’ Parabellum P2-Saph3`


Time Zone:est
Played time: about 7 months
Age Range: over 18
Elite Account?: atlas elite
Dragon Roster Includes:emerald-calavore,talariok,marav,luzok
Highest Lineage Dragon:ferga

About: hey all, I’m looking for a team that always hits 8/8 and 10/10 and has atlas as well with multiple castles, I’ll always do my part and get the 8/8 mark and all 5 quests done, I have 200k+ troops in atlas. I know I’m small for the amount of time I’ve been playing but I plan to change that.If anyone needs any more info lemme know. :crab:

@czarcastic no


I’ve lost track of all the teams you’ve went to


:joy: wow ruru

Wasn’t the ‘thread title’ supposed to be…your thread title?

The thread title is the thread title

I see no LFT, unless it tags it automatically. Never mind.


He’s a jumper… didnt know they still exist… most famous jumper before was Odin himself lol :joy:


Sometimes it takes someone a while to find a team that’s a perfect fit for them. There’s nothing wrong with that.


Let us bully them, dae, lol.
Hope they find a good fit

I was so happy when I saw the LFT tag, but then the OP said I couldn’t recruit him. :sob: I can’t be an official recruiter if there’s nobody to recruit.

And by the way, there’s a “1” at the end of my name if you’re going to @ me.


They didn’t @ you technically, so I think they want to join you :chunk:

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Nah, we don’t meet his requirements.

What happened to if you lower your standards :face_with_monocle:

Cause you already said no.

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You forgot to whisper “but the door is unlocked if you want to enter :eyes:
Never give up recruiting faves :grin:

If you’re still hunting for a team sometime in the future and I find that my own team is 1 person away from the 8/8 PvP achievements, I’ll give you a holler. (We get the 10/10 but are ever working on consistency)

But I suppose I could recommend one of our beloved 5TA… I’m not sure if they’re recruiting but, I suppose you can try to talk to Mreow or Dracarys of Hitmen4Hire for more info. They do get the 8/8 from what I heard from a Diamond player who has more fun on his alt there lol.

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@moderators I found a team, thread can be closed