Lvl 300+, breeding and towers

So we know the problems of the game, and PG says they’re looking into it. But they are taking their time, possibly because mistakes were made long time before and because no correction was made they evolved like a snowball. I have a suggestion (might be in the wrong thread type) for the points that need the utmost attention, and that actually should be fixed altogether.

The breeding process, aka “the sapphire wall” onwards is a problem. Apart from the logical cost reduction needed, a remodeling is required for the tiers behind. As the dragons are all quite useless, I believe until green tier they should be alleasy attainable within 1 month of normal play, with the legendaries to reach level 14. This would grant a good experience to new players and allow them to reach legendary level to properly train with the full spell roster. Now, the cost to fulfill the green tier should be not much greater than the purple, because until here it should be just a training phase, so maximum 10frags for legendaries imo. Heck, you could even merge first tiers or just delete some dragons.

For this to work, time for the tower upgrades must be reduced drastically on early levels as well, so players can fulfill the requirements for breeding dragons. I believe adjusting the time from here progressively would allow to reduce the time greatly for the levels 300+. Another hidden benefit, cheaper eggs for green research onwards where the most are stuck. This would also benefit 300+ levels.

This kind of remodeling should occur every new tier coming I believe and would benefit all the players levels except the very top spenders, who would have to spend to get the new tier the fastest.

It’s my idea, please criticize constructively and extensively!


I think the bigger problem is the fact that every breed once you hit sapphire is to get 1 dragon. Simply adding in some new combinations that allows you to get 2 dragons from one breed would help a lot. Personally I’d feel a lot less annoyed about the cost even if it was slightly increased if I got 2 dragons out of it. Say 150k for 2 sapphires vs 125k for 1 (numbers are from memory and may be wrong). The real issue is that the lineage dragons tend to be pretty useless compared to the divines. There are some obvious exceptions but generally speaking.

Personally I think 1 month to get through to green would be too fast that should take at least 2 if not 3 breeding events as a minimum. I’m all for making it easier but doing 4 tiers in a month is going to set people up for a very unrealistic game progression.

If you follow a breeding path and save tokens, you can breed 2 dragons at a time through sapphire and garnet on 3 separate occasions. Possibly more, I didn’t/haven’t saved enough for more than that myself. The first breed off the bat should be Sekhem/Anapa or Sekhem/Scorchil. I’m not honestly sure about the “sapphire wall” anymore. I heard stories about it and planning accordingly, it’s going to take 13 months to get from sapphire to obsidian. Is this too long, I’m not sure.

What makes me nervous is hitting the wall at 300. That is a major issue, one I’m not sure I’ll actually want to tackle once I get there.

Edit: I see what you’re saying now, even if you breed 2 at a time, it’s still 2 separate breeds. I agree this could be changed.

Sorry to clarify I mean a single breed combo that gives you multiple dragons which I don’t think currently exists apart from some back breeds. You can get multiple gold legends from one breeding combo and multiple platinums. It’s the wall you hit from there which can be very demoralising in my opinion

Ok,makes sense it would be too fast. Still achieving green tier as a mark along the path in one month should be attained imo. Maintain the dragons only with the most relevant spells and condense red to orange in just one tier. It would be a good chance to obliterate dragons with outdated spells and specific runes

How is this any different than this?

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lol 13 months?
maybe i am dooing something wrong?

In quite multiple ways it is. Im suggesting a catch-up mechanism for beginners and remodelling/abolition of tiers. It’s something to benefit differently across all tiers, not just the 300+. That’s why this threads name isn’t just 300+. For the record I’m 187 :sunglasses:

I’d like to be able to put my old lineage dragons in an egg token grinder- get rid of them and get some tokens for them (not necessarily the full cost spent getting them). I really see no point of keeping the low tier dragons when you are working through top tier ones, they’re just taking up space, but if you really needed them again you could just breed them again. I hate clutter :joy:

Personally, I like seeing all the portraits illuminated, and they’ll be greyed out in the den anyway if you haven’t bred the dargon :woman_shrugging: Might as well keep the beasts, since I paid for them with my hard earned tokens. Besides, if they ever bring back that event with the miracles and the dragon tiers, having all the dragons would be a good thing.

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Yeah but just because you got rid of them it wouldn’t have to mean they weren’t ‘achieved’ anymore. You still unlocked them once so it would still count on that front but they just wouldn’t be sat in a vault wasting away. A bit like being able to get rune dust from unwanted runes. How long has it been since that miracles event? Definitely over a year as I never saw it, PG don’t seem the type to bring things back to me

I realize it’s not quite relevant to the OP, but in response to your question, my plan is below. I currently gain about 150k tokens a month, which looking at my plan will put me at a 410k deficit at the end (Sitting on 290k tokens today). I plan to subsidize this with mystic fragments which I currently have 290 after ending the last breed event with 0. Completing Coatl and opening 250 gold chests at the start of the season is where I got most of those. 12 months to get through Sapphire-Emerald, month 13 starts Obsidian.


Probably the easiest fix would be to increase the mission pay based on builders hut level.

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