Lvl 300's coming down from atlas joining gold 4 teams

Just yesterday we were 5th in our league…then we got bumped to 8th.
When I looked at the "now " top team it had 5 members that were lvl 240-280.
It seems they all hate this thing called Atlas and are moving down here.
We have no “ringers” the highest lvl being me…the leader at 70. My question is…how can we win wars and events when the playing field is stacked so high against us?
Im seeing more and more of this.

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It will balance out. You will simply become bronze 17 or whatever.

Like previously sapphire teams all became gold and plat

If they speed up the roll out of atlas so we can all benefit , no one will move anywhere, it’s about time it was open to all and a compulsory part of the bloody game, sick of waiting for this slow ass roll out

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Just out of curiosity, how do you know they came down there because of Atlas?


I’m confused your title reads level 300’s coming down and yet your post says they were all 240-280. It’s very misleading I was hoping to convince some big players to come up to D2 but if they are only mid 200’s that sucks :pensive:


240-280 is too low for D2? :slight_smile:

Same throughout Gold I’m afraid, low-hanging fruit is hard to pass up. Come to terms with the fact that you will never get the top event rewards with those folks around and instead focus on team building and winning easy wars against those tiny teams.

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Im going to laugh pretty hard when atlas rolls around to gold. Mark my words

Atlas rolling out to gold? I am not sure if players in Gold teams are ready for brutal beating if Atlas goes there. But i thought PG said it will roll out Atlas only till Platinum league. Please correct me if i am wrong.

Platinum is end of the originally planned release, but when asked about releasing to other leagues, there was a note that it may expand later (not will but may).

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forSci is correct in thats the official statement.

But there cannot be two games, only one.

I’m betting on Atlas

But i feel Atlas will become too tough to maintain if Wide rollout happens. Hoping for the best though :slight_smile:

Don’t worry :smile:

If they dropped leagues intentionally, it stands to reason that they would intentionally lose wars to stay in the league they dropped to (if that is why they dropped to begin with). If not, they will quickly rise up to whatever league they truly belong in - either way, the only thing that will affect you negatively is the events while they are in your league.


That’s a big deal when you want a balanced field in the events. That is not balanced

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I was trying to illuminate the fact that it’s really not a huge deal - it could be WAY worse…

Also, team prizes for events are minimal - especially in lower leagues. Besides, now teams get league points for placing high in events, so they will eventually promote if they keep winning.

Another thing you can do is to band together with other teams in your league (that are more comparable to your own) and push the team of sandbaggers up to the next league… just all declare on them and let them win (don’t attack) so they’ll get the points and move up.

As so many others have said in so many other threads about ‘balance’ and ‘fairness’ - this is WAR Dragons. Not everyone get’s a trophy for logging in and doing their best. Everyone pays their dues - either with time or money… It has become a lot more balanced since they restructured the league rankings.


Risky to say the least. People say one thing and do the complete opposite for the snicker of burning you on a trust. Losing rank points in the events because you can’t compete and then losing more purposely losing does not sound like a good idea to me

Unfortunately when you create a new team, you end up down in bronze. No matter what level you are. My team did that 2 months ago. I felt sorry for them but it’s how the game is set up

OK then, go ahead and keep looking for the worst in the situation if it makes you feel better… there is apparently no bright side :wink:

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I’m not offended - just appears that, to you, there is no possible bright side… I will reword, as I also did not mean to offend you, and I apologize if I did :).

The reality is, there is no solution… sandbaggers will always sandbag, so unless PG makes teams be comprised of people of like level (which would SUCK), we will inevitably have low levels thinking they should compete in high leagues, and high levels taking the easy road in low leagues… We can either look for a bright side and get as much enjoyment as we can, piss and moan about how unfair it is (which to me diminishes the enjoyment), or just quit and go crush some candy.

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I see many bright sides but see nothing wrong with standing behind a poster who has a legitimate complaint about an issue that needs to be addressed or at least acknowledged by someone from PG. Just because some may not like to see it said and some one else “likes” what you said doesnt mean the poster’s complaint isn’t valid
You could instead crush candy or move on quietly too.

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