Lvl. 45 Base Needing Advice

I just reached lvl. 45 and achieved access to a handful of new towers. I am seeking advice on how to rearrange my base to accommodate these towers (if I should begin changing things at all.) I also need some pointers on which of these new towers I should build/transform and invest my time into.

Please refer to the pictures of my bases below. All defense towers are lvl. 17, and my defense power (with boosts) is 88.3k. I also attached a picture of what I can now build, including orrery, dark flaks, and archmage towers.

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Replace the cannon with a dark flak, storm with an orrery and archer with a pylon. Howie in the mid of the last island (Assuming you have the resources for all this ofc)

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I suggest putting farms and mills on island 1 with a red mage in between.
For island 3 replace cannon with dark flak (for maximum damage) and archer with howie (for shield breaking) and put a cosmic orrery (for shield) instead of storm. some of the videos here are out dated but still can help you understand what your base needs so you can easily figure out the best base design.
Also only level up the towers on the kill island (for now, island 3)
Building other towers like drakul pylon is and really helpful but the resources to maintain them arent easy to get.

ignore any advice about island 3, its no longer relevant with no wars, atlas, and healing dragons.

make 1/2 your kill islands, put farms somewhere like 8? islands 1/2 are best for starting players because the statues cover 2 islands for runes, versus 1 like all other islands. so you get more bang for your buck with runes and buffs.

next you need to start flaks and advanced towers for long term building. you no longer use archer, cannon, storm etc. you will need orrey, dark flak, ice flak, howi, and red/blue mages.

each building event level up your mages and flaks as high as possible and concentrate on your top 10 towers. you’ll go up 20+ levels every fort. its no longer a good idea to build earth flak, fire flak, electro flak so stick with the couple of towers listed above and you’ll blast into end game in no time.

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For level 45, 3 islands are good also you will be able to apply more runes overall and will also be able to use the perch.
Next new tower you should build is ice flak, until only focus on kill island.
And dont use cosmic charges when fort event is not going on it can give you 10k points and so you are losing 10k points if you use it outside of fort events.

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