Lvl 480 LF S2+ Atlas team

I am hanging up my eyepatch and looking for a competitive atlas team. I’ve been pirating a while now. I don’t know which teams are on which side. I don’t know how many sides there are. So the politics are not a consideration for me.

I am looking for an active atlas team that gets in lots of fights.
A team where the players are free to hit teams not on the no-hit list.
Where the no hit is relatively small and easily manageable. I use SQL while at work. I’d rather not need to use it to find a team I can hit in this game.

I am currently breeding Eldritch
I’ve seen much worse bases than mine at my level. Feel free to look to make sure it doesn’t suck.

S2 or higher active teams please. Feel free to message me to start a conversation.


@moderators please close this thread. I’ve found a team.